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Spearfishing apnea all ’ Ambush : technique & tips.

The ambush is a dynamic methodology spearfishing allowing the fisherman to get closer to the prey.

Theambush is a methodology for spearfishing dynamic that allows the angler to get closer to the prey. For a successful outcome of this technique requires a good swimming lessons in order to get closer to silence, usually the fish will be caught in different attitudes also on the basis of the type of membership, but in general are unaware of our presence.

To get a good swimming lessons in Apnea, In addition to training ’ in water it is necessary to optimize the ballast; This last ’ will be fine tuning as a function of hypothesised fishing depth, in fact a heavier ballast and well distributed on the body help performance in shallow water but makes dangerous a ’ dive deeper.

Note that for each of us exists a variable depth ( employee also from wetsuit and ballast) where is neutral, and our weight (including the overlying water column d ’) is balanced by the underlying water column d ’. Once this quota is needed less effort (kicking) to descend into the depths and to approach the prey you can drop type “dead leaf”.

Personal experiences indicate that weighs about 80 kg, wearing a wetsuit from from 5 mm, in shallow water (few meters 3-8) You may need a belt from 7 kg, more 2 kg backrest and anklets from 300 GR.

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Regarding the choice of rifle, recommend an elastic spear gun from 90 cm, that allows good range and a fair handling and low noise.

The technique of course adapted to the behavior of the prey and the bottom type of fishing area.

Often the most effective practice is mixed IE combine looks and wait for approaching and hit.

of team 25 January 2012