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Spearfishing apnea : the and behave, technique & tips.

Fishing is the combination of ticniche and behave different in spear-fishing, (fishing by lurking, appearance and fishing hole fishing). The various methods of fishing will be adapted to the bottom type and location of prey sighted. If you have a good ability to improvise and adapt and behave fishing can be very redittizia.

The underwater fishing to the and behave provides an analysis of the seabed as the first ing ’ wait to find potential Burrows, prey or similar designations.
From experience I found myself submerged in the same rock face where I captured prey in tana (Royal sea bream) or sea bream in fall. Where the visibility permits a ’ analysis of seabed is very important in order to circumvent the fish or practice silent approaches.

During descent you might spot some corvina or thrush out den, the mullet, etc… If you see no prey our attention will switch to the likely lairs.

If the prey is sighted during the descent, you must change the type of approach and prefer a bypass or a fall in dead leaf, that will allow the volley. L ’ vertical approach is the least profitable. (The shot is harder)

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To make l’approaching a dead leaf You must stop kicking and get push back by hydrostatic pressure higher. When fishing deeper generally are carried out glide patrolling before making a real fishing action aimed at catching.
During the glides will scour the seabed and discover the lairs. Nothing is already provided ! a plane can be transformed into an unexpected capture.

In shallow waters not being able to practice l ’ agiscie pulse approaching dead leaf by volleys.

The physical preparation and concentration in the fishing and behave are critical, Since all are generally not prepared but l ’ fishing action is more prolonged. This results in a good mental and physical preparation.

The depths are best suited to this type of fishing vary between the 10 and 15 meters (absolutely not prohibitive odds).

of team 28 May 2012