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Rifles void Airbalete spearfishing apnea – strengths and weaknesses.

The airbalete are a fairly recent novelty in the panorama of rifles for underwater fishing. The latter retain their power characteristics of pneumatic spearguns and those geometric elastic spear guns (Arbalete).

L ’ collection of these qualities makes them easy to handle and versatile head and pointing during the underwater fishing (instinctive shooting) and powerful at the same time.

Let us now see the merits and defects of the airbalete :


Tapered geometry to the top Groove and the positioning of’handle the rifle is easy to handle and suitable for d ’ pointing instinct.

The new rifles are easy to load compared to classical oil pneumatic asthe were reduced friction of sliding between piston and bore (Thanks to the latest generation ’ slidering insert on the piston).

The grillettor has a reduced travel and less strength is required for shooting compared to pneumatic spearguns

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L ’ serial airbalete comes with standard heads but can also be mounted the vacuum head in order to increase performance. In standard mode (20 ATM, without vacuum head) the airbalete are not very powerful compared to spearguns of the same length.

The price is significantly higher than the old hydro pneumatic spear guns, but the novelty and the technical proposals partly justify the cost.

of team 31 May 2012