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Spearfishing apnea : Tips for beginners…

When you approach the underwater fishing free diving please be aware that the technique, and the swimming lessons you will gain with time, These qualities will increase the experience and help to form a good spearfishing. The dowry will be important to get prior athletic training.

Initially you will fishing in shallow waters (within the 10 meters) where we will try to approach prey sighted off den or burrow. To do this it will be important to optimize the first stage dive, the upside down.

The upside down that corny, is a very important gesture in diving and ’ underwater fishing and can be improved with time and training ’.

The upside down in fact must be silent and smooth so as not to disturb the fish. To improve swimming lessons will be useful ’ l ’ use of special Jig anklets that rebalance the fins. Most likely all ’ start you will have to fish without nautical support, and you will have to enter the sea from shore. It will be crucial to l ’ a coastal area with mixed characteristics rock and sand.

To identify areas rich in fish in your area you can talk to other divers.

As repeated many times is a good idea to practice this sport with a fishing buddy so be supervised and assisted if necessary.

It will be essential to plan the first fishing monitor the weather and go out to sea during a beautiful sunny day with calm sea.

The opening bars will be practiced with technique of ’ ambush in shallow waters and still can give good results.

Just entered the water we will make sure the ball segnasub the belt and we will load the rifle.

Per load the arbalete place the chest the butt plate and pull the elastic towards you until the notches on the headband with the ’ auction ’.

To load the air rifles you can place the tip of the ’ auction at a rock and press firmly (valid for small guns to tana.)

Swimming on the surface, try to see some favorable area to your stalking and posizianatevi all ’ look in favor of current…… You can start a beautiful fishing experience… !!!

of team 3 June 2016