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Spearfishing apnea BURROW : technique & tips

The spearfishing apnea in den is one of the oldest techniques, and can doubtless be regarded like the other sub fishing techniques. Fishing can be practised in shallow areas characterized by cliffs or full of boulders, otherwise proves very profitable hole fishing in most relevant shares looking for isolated slabs or boulders.

This is true a bit for all the techniques of underwater fishing, but we would like to strengthen it for the hole fishing: In fact, with time their prey in burrows pasare formed by splits in the rock or in the mud, under slabs or boulders, are increasingly deep and challenging. And’ increasingly rare to find worthy prey in the early 15 meters.
This becomes even underwater fishing hole in a Department that deserves personal training and technique.

Most frequent catches consist of bream, by ombres and groupers, but are not uncommon even capponi, Conger eels, moray eels, thrushes. Firing in den can happen (from personal experience) to some beautiful coppiole bream weighing.

This fishery has been abandoned by many fans but is still practiced successfully by the racers, who often have this draws the conquest of victory in race.

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To not lose sight of this safety aspect ’ l spearfishing and freediving technique, We invite you to read also : “Dangers spearfishing and freediving”

L ’ equipment for fishing in den differs especially from that for the ’ aspect, l ’ ambush or on some devices and apply except : in summer strives for thin base which facilitate the movements while in the winter you will need to increase the neoprene according to the ’ drop in temperatures.

The rifles void should be short to allow average pull close together in the den without compromising auctions. Auctions can be mounted with Harpoon, but we prefer the classical Tahitian anyway. The airguns were replaced by highly potent Railgun consists of a wooden or carbon fiber, or by recent Airbalete.

The fins You can earn quite reactive background with a little’ more speed and this technique generally requires many rides in search of tana right so, right fins help !

The weight belt is recommendable with quick release in ’ the event of running aground in den or between boulders.

…A few recommendations…… and lots of fishing !!!!!!

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