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ISOLA D ELBA & #8217; 2018 : Here are the best beaches and the recommended hotels !

Would you like to spend an unforgettable holiday on Elba Island in 2018, Are you in search of the best beaches on the island of Elba, and the best Hotel, residence and Camping ? Here is a selection of beaches and Hotel to live a peaceful and secluded even in high summer season. We have selected for you some beaches and bays with gravel and sand Hotel, but also areas of cliff with spectacular sea beds perfect for snorkeling, free diving or diving. Luxurious hotels or Residence Elba Island Sea all close to the economic.

TheIsola d Elba ’ attracts, in the summer months, many tourists that populate the most beautiful beaches of the island looking for crystal clear water and transparent, for this the most popular areas are often crowded, but following this tutorial and our recommendations you can dive into the enchanting places almost solitary even in July and August !!! For those seeking a weeks holiday at the sea on Elba Island d ’ ’, We propose “7 pearls” to visit, one for each day of the week.

First to choose when to go to the best beaches of the island, You should be aware of wind direction because severely affects the clarity of the water and the movement of the sea. In General if the winds blow from the South (Scirocco or Mistral) should attend the areas to the North of the island protected by these winds; on the other hand, if the wind blows from the North or East (grecale o Levant) should go to areas in the South where the sea will be calm and the water more transparent. For this changed the order of destinations depending on the direction of the wind blowing in the morning, There is always a clear and calm.

Thus we come to the most beautiful beaches of the island of Elba (the 7 best beaches), and specify which are not in order of beauty, because all very impressive, much to deserve at least a day at the beach during your holiday on the island :


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In the northern part of the island of Elba is the beach of Sansone, sheltered from the winds of maestrale and scirocco, characterized by White pebbles that make up the beach and into the sea making the color contrast, in the batttigia thewater is crystal clear. The beach of Samson is reached via the path for the source, that the highway goes down and can be covered in about 15 ' without difficulty.

There are free parking spaces or nearby, and then the cars are to be left along the roadside areas available.

Starting from the road down towards the beach and heading left you pass the ridge that leads to Samson.

In Samson's beach is a small bar and refreshment bar with fresh drinks, or ice cream sandwiches.

In order to avoid overcrowding suggest that continue beyond the area equipped with umbrellas and sun beds to Punta Samson, on the left. Alternatively you can place in the nice too Spring Beach. We recommend renting a skid to appreciate the depths and the clearness of the sea deep snorkeling.




In the South lies the Bay of Fetovaia with beach, consisting of white sand, (is different from other beaches on the ’ island of Elba ’ for sand full of crystals shining in the Sun); the Fetovaia beach is protected from the winds by grecale and levante, characterized by very clear water and sandy bottom with posidonia off.

Fetovaia can be reached following the road that goes from Collards and Seccheto towards Pomonte, coming down the ramp to Fetovaia there are three parking lots and some free parking spaces in the square at the bottom of the Hill. The average price of the parking fee is 14 Euro for the whole day.

The beach is equipped in the area left and Central, Although there are two stretches of beach.

In the Bay of Fetovaia there is a bar restaurant with drinks, sandwiches or ice cream and cold dishes.

To fully enjoy the beauty of the area even during high season we advise you to rent a boat in the area left of the beach with which go outside the Fetovaia point towards Pomonte where the seabed are incredibly beautiful and rich in fauna.

In Pomonte you can see also the the wreck of the ship "Elviscott cargo" sunk in 1972 lying at a depth of 12 metres in very clear waters and then clearly visible whilst snorkelling. Obviously if you are Diving you will appreciate inside the wreck the engine room, the kitchen and the fauna that populates.

As an alternative to inflatable, You can rent a skid or a Kayak which reach the Fetovaia point and sail close to the eastern shore to enjoy the clearness of the sea and the very interesting backdrops.

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In the northern part of the island of Elba, is white Chief with the famous advertising symbol white Pebble Beach of the island. The beach of Capo Bianco is sheltered from the winds of the scirocco and Mistral within a protected marine wildlife area.

To get to the beach to Portoferraio follow the signs for the famous beaches of the area : Le Ghiaie, White Chief, Sottobomba.

White wrap is a paid parking costs 10 Euro for the whole day; If this car park is complete you can leave your car in a parking lot about 300 m away at Portoferraio, and costs 8 Euro for the whole day.

In the parking lot there is a small bar and refreshment bar with fresh drinks and ice cream.

Reached the parking lot you go down a staircase short wearing on the beach and heading right to reach the tip of Capo Bianco.

The the sea is very clear and the visibility is several meters; in this area is easy to spot bream and sea bream large even at low depth and near the beach. On the tip of Cape White lie of very beautiful caves to visit via sea by snorkeling, with evocative passages flooded to everyone without difficulty.

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In the area of Capoliveri, near the Bay of Lacona is situated the picturesque Laconella Beach, bounded by Punta Contessa; Laconella is sheltered from the winds of maestrale and scirocco ; It is not recommended with winds Southwest because the water gets cloudy.

The Bay can be reached via the road connecting Capoliveri in Marina di Campo. Parking is not easy but you can try it in the edge of the road beyond the Camping Laconella. Careful not to interfere with traffic because the area is subject to checks and penalties.

The Laconella beach is rather wild although frequented; There are no facilities like bars or restaurants and beach areas equipped, but it is nature to make her mistress.

Punta della contessa is a paradise for snorkeling, in fact the Ridge splits into two V-shaped, with a small pebble beach dark, thewater is shallow and very transparent and you can see many fish even at shallow depths.

Entering the sea from Laconella Beach, the water is shallow for many meters with Sandy ground and posidonia off.

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The beach of Lamaia lies in the Northwest of the island of Elba, sheltered from the winds of maestrale and scirocco, is a small secluded beach with white sand and clear water. The bottom is Rocky and very rich in fauna You can also see at shallow depths.

The Bay of You can reach the beach of Biodola lamaia through a path that starts near the Hermitage Hotel located on the left side of the Bay. Reached the point that separates The Biodola by Lamaia, There is a short tunnel dug by hand in the rock, offering beautiful sea views, continuing to reach the Bay of Lamaia, beach ideal for those seeking tranquillity in contact with nature.

In the Bay of Lamaia there are no facilities or bar.

To reach la Biodola, follow the main road from Procchio and Portoferraio you park at the side of the road.

For those who want the comfort and the facilities at la Biodola Beach offers beach equipment, the presence of the United bar and restaurant to a crystalline sea and shallow.




The Remaiolo beach is located south of Capoliveri, costa dei Gabbiani where is also the only Resort that allows you to get to the beach by car if you are a guest. It is a protected wildlife reserve and generally to reach the beach you must walk 3 Km of dirt track.

The area is very wild, characterized by Mediterranean maquis and the red rocks rich in iron, in this area you will find the old mines.

The beach consists of very fine sand Remaiolo, Eastern and protected from the wind coming from the North. Opposite the beach stands the Remaiolo rock, ideal for snorkelling or Diving thanks to the abundant presence of fish, and sea fans.

Behind the beach there is a pine forest where shelter from the Sun during the hottest hours.

To reach the beach at Remaiolo leaving the car along the dirt road near the footpath on the right and bordered by a chain.

To visit arriving from the sea with private boats, I am also the white beach, the black and Red tip. The nearby beach of the Torch can be reached via a walking trail.




The Spartaia Bay is a small Bay of fine golden sand, located to the left of the beach of Procchio, reached safely drive with paid parking at low rates.

The beach of Spartaia is very convenient and quiet, ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of big Beach to enjoy in peace one day on the beach surrounded by emerald waters, where you can enjoy snorkling along the cliffs to the sides of the Bay. The bottom is mostly sandy but at the sides of the beach you can also admire Rocky rich in wildlife and posidonia.

In the left area of the Bay passing the Hotel is a trail that winds up at the beach in front of the homonymous islet Paolina; in this area the bottom is Rocky and you can admire schools of saddled breams and castagnole stationed in midwater.

The ends of Spartaia beach you can rent beach equipment, While the central area is free; on the right there is a small bar with refreshment.



Gallery of images of 7 best beaches of Elba Island d ’ ’, most beautiful photos :

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