Mtb Downhill Winter-Race 2013: Extreme mountain biking in Val Gardena

Spectacular race mountain bike night, Sunday 27 January 2013 pm 23.00, on the ski slope Dantercëpies, in Selva di Val Gardena : "You only need to get used to the cold, You can then benefit from harsh winter months ". So think avid bikers of "Meder Downhill Club" Val Gardena.

In collaboration with the tourist office Selva, Sunday 27 January will be held the third edition of the spectacular race of mountain biking downhill night winter-race. The 60 participants (max altitude) will be transported to the starting area at the mountain station of the cable railway Dantercepies (2.300m) with snowcats and snowmobiles and the mass start will take place at 23.00. Each participant will have a light on the helmet or on the bike, the race track will be illuminated only in the most difficult passages, While the rest of the track we will rely in the Moonlight.

Are going, In addition to local athletes, mountain biker in North-Italy, in Germany and Switzerland. There will also be two athletes who are part of the Italian national MTB: Martin Messavilla (winner of 2012) and Johannes von Klebelsberg. In addition, confirmed presence of national champion FMX Kickflip.

The finish line will be located at the Hotel Corona, in the Centre of Selva, and the award ceremony will take place immediately after the race with lots of music and mulled wine.

The measuring path 3,6 km and has an average gradient of 45 degrees. In this reckless night mountain bike challenge will 90 km per hour and wait times are race under four and a half minutes.

The Organization of spectacular race is headed by Stephen Novelli, President of the "Club Gherdeina Meder Downhill", with the praiseworthy support of managers and employees of the cable car Dantercëpies, the tourist office Selva and GoPro sponsors, Halti and POC.

For more information: Stephen Novelli Tel. 347 0414848

of team 23 January 2013