MTB, E-Bike and Gravel are included in the Mobility Bonus 2020

The government decree reimburses the 60% of spending up to a maximum of 500 euro for the purchase of electric bikes to promote sustainable mobility in cities. The bonus for people over the age of 18 in cities with more than 50.000 inhabitants.

They are entitled to the bike bonus up to 500 euro for the purchase of bicycles (e-bikes included), monopattin, segway, adult residents of cities with at least 50.000 inhabitants. In particular in the regional capitals, in metropolitan cities and provincial capitals. Therefore commuters cannot benefit from the mobility bonus, students and off-site workers who have residences other than the job in which they study or work. An overall maneuver 55 billions of euros in support of the economic recovery after the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic which also includes the Measures to encourage sustainable mobility included in the article 205.


There is a bonus value of 60% maximum of expense carried out, with a limit equal to 500 euro and you will only be able to benefit from the bonus once. To have the maximum amount equal to 500 euro, Therefore, you will have to buy a vehicle with a value equal to or greater than 833 euro.


They are affected by government measures, the means for sustainable mobility, whom bicycles traditional, e-bike pedal assist, monopattin, segway electric powered. In e-bike category and MTB fall different types of bicycles which can meet the usage requirements in city, because they adapt to flat paved roads, but also to climbs, rail crossing, dirt roads, holes, etc.

The models as gravel bikes or specific bikes for tourism can still satisfy theurban use and, at the same time, be ideal for the free time. Un concetto valido anche nel caso delle e-mountain bike, usable on urban cycle paths but of course also perfect for trails and mountain paths in the name of the next vacanza outdoor.


Immediate discount at the cash desk, to the shop for those who have registered online on a special platform, or payment of the "full" price and then have it discount in the form of compensation after uploading the invoice on the same online platform.


The measures included in the "Relaunch" Law Decree are valid for purchases starting from 4 may and until to the 31 December 2020, those who have kept the purchase receipt can use it retroactively for the return. The mobility bonus enters a specific fund of 120 millions of euro.



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