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MTB Tires MICHELIN Wild Race “R” sliding ground

MICHELIN Wild race'r is a Mountain bike tire features a sculpture enriched with diamond-shaped bass plugs, ideal for sliding land.

MICHELIN Wild Race'r It features a sculpture that is optimized to improve performance on low thanks to sliding dowels, spread over the whole tread, and a diamond-shaped, aimed at 45° to the rolling direction, that, for the most amount of edges, confer more grip.

The version Advanced (110 TPI) features of technology Gum-X Series dual compound.

According to the measures, is available in Tubeless Ready or Tubeless. The latter is also equipped with MICHELIN Gumwall technology.

The "normal" Wild version to 60 TPI, Instead, is not equipped with the technologies listed above, weighs more, but it too is available in Tubeless Ready.

In the line race'r, in a special version, There is also the tire for Cross Country competitions: MICHELIN Wild Race'r Ultimate Advanced, the best* on dry soil, very light, featuring excellent efficiency, grip & puncture resistance.

Size 26×2.10, the tire weighs only 415 grams. This lightweight mass is achieved without yielding to any compromise on puncture resistance.

His sculpture is derived from that of the MICHELIN Wild race'r. If the center of the tread is identical to that of Wild race'r, shoulders have been redesigned (low height) to provide optimum performance while maintaining a progressive lateral grip and sufficient for use by pure XC.

The profile of the tyre is much rounded for comfort and grip constants.

This tire is Tubeless Ready and is patented GUM-X Series.

MICHELIN Wild race'r is available on all sizes of bicycles: 26’’, 27,5'' and 29 ''.

*MICHELIN Wild race'r Ultimate Advanced is the best tire MICHELIN MTB range on dry soil.

MICHELIN WILD race'r – dimensional Offer 2013



of team 16 February 2013