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MTB Tires MICHELIN Wild Grip R2

MICHELIN Wild grip'r2 is a multipurpose high performance tire on dry soil, both on muddy ground.

At the center of the tire, the distribution of bricks of gum is optimized to provide the best balance between grip, performance and self cleaning, without a performance is obtained at the expense of another.

Per confer stability and robustness, the Pats were strengthened at the base stations and between a stick and the other were placed rubber bridges that do not allow him to swing while rolling.

The height, the pitch and the pitch angle of the side knobs are optimized to achieve a constant and very effective grip when cornering.

Small steps at the base of the friction pads increase the rate of carving by providing more grip during the inclination of the bicycle.

Small cuts on the outer side of the side knobs give the latter a double behavior: the plugs are very mobile when they are subjected to weak distortion and much firmer when subjected to stronger strains, creating a "binary effect".

All measures of Advanced version are equipped with dual compound technology GUM-X Series or mono.

Except the measure 26×2.10, It is Tubeless, all other measures Advanced are Tubeless Ready.

This range is available for all sizes of bicycles: 26’’, 27,5'' and 29 ''.

MICHELIN WILD grip'r2 – dimensional Offer 2013

of team 16 February 2013