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The MTB downhill (DH) It is a discipline that takes place completely downhill along the slopes of maximum 3,5 km prepared slopes also very steep and with natural or artificial obstacles, How to jump, bumpy sections of most meters high and steps rocks and roots. Is one of the disciplines that form ’ under gravity, relying on gravity for propulsion.

The Mountain Bike downhill firmly in a very sturdy, very wide handlebars for greater control and front and rear suspension up to 250 mm and over. The modern downhill bike must be stable, but light and nimble to allow faster acceleration and braking, with powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and suitable gear ratios to support speeds downhill. The Downhillers can use very robust and full face helmet with mask, motocrossistico style, also reaching the 80 km/h.

As competition takes place in individual time trial, and is included in the UCI World Cup calendar from 1993 and is matched to the events of dual slalom and four-cross, and sometimes even cross country. The World Championships are held, from 1990, between late August and early September.

A variant of the downhill is the downhill marathon, where competitors depart en masse and descend a long path from the characteristics similar to those of the downhill, starting from a mountain and at the end of the. One of these competitions is the Megavalanche.

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