Without air conditioning : You can do !!!

Air conditioning ? L ’ summer is in full force and hot makes us think at iced drinks all ’ air conditioning and fresh fruit, the ice and not least alll ’ air conditioning ! However, if your consciousness does prevail on respect for l ’ ecology and you should not turn on ’ air conditioning you can resist the heat by following a few simple rules.

A. Keep your Windows closed. An open window especially if irradiated directly by the Sun threatens to increase the temperature of the Interior. Open the Windows at night to circulate fresh air, closed in the morning along with shutters.

B. If you have the opportunity to go to the sea during the hottest hours you can enjoy the natural ventilation of the coast and look out with a nice swim. If you can't go to the Sea you can run for cover with a cold shower or just swimming with fresh water the wrists.

C. Keep the lights off if it is not essential, especially the traditional incandescent bulbs, they produce a lot of heat.

D. Eat cold dishes because it helps to keep the body temperature, are consiabili salads, vegetables usually fresh fruit like watermelons and melons.

And. Insulated your House, in order to limit the penetration of heat and overheating of interiors.

F. If you have a garden, planted trees in order to shade the area to the South and therefore your home, deciduous plants are preferred because in winter they will enjoy hours of sunshine and winter will be very pleasant.

G. If you have the garden made a Pergola in order to have a shelter during the hottest hours where you can rest or relax all ’ maybe shadow of a climbing plant.

H. Holidays on a high or mountain help to cool the body and relax the spirit… We advise you to choose all ’ open air maybe in Camping or Agriturismo.

of team 30 July 2011