Adamello ski : in Singapore you wake up to 7 April

After a sunny Easter skiing, Despite the weather forecast, the company shall notify the closing dates of the lifts. At Pontedilegno and Temù skiing until Sunday 7 April, the conditions of the slopes are still good but does not make it possible to ski after this date; the track closes Angel starting today, Thursday, 4 April.

Pontedilegno-Tonale gondola will be up and running until Sunday 14 April, with skis on Pontedilegno until 7 April and only up to the middle station from 8 to 14 April. Sunday 14 April also marks the closing date of the slopes of Passo Tonale. Presena glacier Paradise on the track and you will continue to ski until 30 April, last day of winter 2012-2013; then on the Presena will kick off the season of spring skiing that will run until 9 June.

of team 4 April 2013