Alpine Skiing : Italy Cup final Master all ’ Abetone

Italy Cup final masters at Abetene. We start with the Super-g on the ' Chan Two '.

In the Master performed all’Abetone,victory of veneto Franco Parekh before Rolando Tuscan roosters and Mauro Lah; 10Leonardo Nicastro Jovenceaux Team (3° among the A5), 11Alessandro Franco del Valle Stura (2° between the A2). In the Master B a alro veneto Paul Camacho before Paolo Baroni Tuscan and Friulian Gianni Uche; 15° Walter Rumiano of Sansicario (6° between B6), 17° Lino Salinas of Claviere (4° between B8), 22° Giorgio Ferraro of Claviere (6° between B8). In the Venetian Master C Navy Goat in front of Silvia Gallegos of Sansicario (both C5), to complete the podium with Friulian Rossana Cellini.

of team 12 April 2013