Guide to skiing, rules and signals to ski safely in compliance with UNI

The UNI for skiing, the "etiquette" on tracks, signage and quality of equipment: everything you need to know to ski safely with the UNI, carried out by the Italian National Agency for unification.

Although this year the winter gets a little wish, as well as heavy snowfall, Snowy Mountains and ski enthusiasts are already preparing for first winter bridge. And, like every year, UNI remembers to Pack, together with the ski equipment, also how to have fun safely.

The right behavior on the slopes, the signage, the quality and characteristics of ski equipment: are the fundamental principles contained in the Guide and thorough UNI "Snow on the track ... helmet. Behavior, signage and equipment under"dedicated to technical standards on sports by season, available and freely downloadable from UNI (

Signage plays an important role in ensuring the safety: the handlers of these lifts areobbligati dalla legge a installare specifici segnali sulle piste from skiing, whose degree of difficulty must be clearly signposted circular indicating, correctly and visible, hazards and prohibitions. The signs must have the form, dimensions, ground clearance, colors, segni grafici corresponding to UNIjust to make it easier learning and storing various information.

Another important aspect for safety on the slopes is the use of technical equipment under, primo tra tutti il protective helmet. From 2 March 2006 a decree of the Ministry of health has determined that protective helmets –that kids under the age of 14 anni di età devono obbligatoriamente indossare durante la pratica dello sci alpino e dello snowboard – sono quelli conformi alla norma tecnica UNI EN 1077. The "helmet", According to standard technique, si riconoscono perché marcati con l’indicazione IN 1077, oltre che con la sigla EC.

The maschera da sci is another key element. That UNI must meet several requirements: must be free of sharp edges or trimmings, must be designed in such a way that it cannot penetrate neither water nor the snow, must allow the necessary air circulation for non tarnishing, be tested for impact resistance and composed of non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

And for beginners, in distress in the first slopes, There is the UNI EN 15700 sulla "Security for the conveyor belts for the transport of persons for winter sports or to use!", better known as treadmills. These rugs offer, especially to children and beginners of winter sports, traceability effortlessly mild snowy slopes to reach more easily the tracks. The standard covers the requirements for the prevention of accidents considering and analyzing all possible risks and potentially dangerous situations for conveyor belts, both when they are used correctly and when it is a result of inappropriate, but not be excluded a priori.

Risks that may be mechanical (for example, accidents in the event of a fall on or from the carpet, confrontations between passengers etc.), electrical hazards (electromagnetic fields, contact with uncovered parts of the carpet) thermal hazards (fire) etc ... The UNI EN 15700 also provides indications on the signage that must be present in the vicinity of the plant, as, For example,, the prohibition to sit or lie down on the conveyor belt and the designation of the buttons to shutdown from press in case of an emergency.


If safety on the slopes is important, lo è altrettanto la roadway safety, especially in case of snow and bad weather. La guida UNI contiene anche consigli e informazioni utili sulle snow chains. In this regard,, Please note that from 1 April 2013 snow chains can be marketed only marked with the mark UNI (or that guarantee with certainty a security level, the user's information and reliability equivalent to those laid down in the UNI 11313).

Who is the UNI

Italian National body of unification is a private non-profit, whose members, about 5.000, are companies, freelancers, associations, Scientific and scholarly institutions, realtà della Pubblica Administration. Performs regulatory activities across all industries, commerciali e del terziario ad esclusione di the electrical and Electrotechnical. The role of the UNI, which Italian national body for Standardization, was recognized by the European Regulation No. 1025/2012 on standardisation. The UNI participates, in rappresentanza of Italy, at the supra-national bodies for Standardization regulatory activities: ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation). The UNI was formed in 1921 a fronte the need to unify the mechanical industry production types, facilitate the interchangeability of parts, etc ... and since then accompanies and supports the development of the country by improving the efficiency and effectiveness,the competitiveness and innovation.

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