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Slalom skiing 2014 : RACE models ! How to choose ski race.

Special Slalom ski 2014 : Atomic ,Rossignol, Fischer, Volkl, Dynastar, Elan.

In this post we do not want to give you the best skiing of Salom of 2014, but provide a comprehensive overview to guide you in choosing a tool “Special”.

A little theory …..

In the slalom discipline could hardly exceed speed 35 km/h and curves have a very narrow beam; the distance between the doors is about 9 meters vertically and 2 metres horizontally, Although thanks to modern ski Sidecut these valoro are significantly changed. Typically the race takes place in two Manche, and won the skier who achieves the lowest aggregate time over two tests, without skipping any door.

The FIS Championships, the length of the skis may not be less than 165 cm for men and 155 cm for women.

We specify that the models will be described fall within facsia of high level ski, and are considered race ski. That is why I am challenging tools they perceive every little skier imposition; This is gratifying for athletes or sportsmen of high technical level, While it may be detrimental to those who do not have the complete mastery of the discipline and then can transmit some error to skiing.

It is also fair to point out that generally these skis have a lightweight structure optimized for athletes with physical tonic and trained and with low weight. They are often asymmetrical to better allow for the skier's inertia and ’.

In this connection, we can't guarantee that without appropriate technical preparation and/or with poor athletic training, It is virtually impossible to ’ 's all lining a path with acceptable time…!

Current skiing 2011/2012, as those of recent years, Thanks to keep a good speed even accentuate sidecuts cornering and obviously are very suitable for serpentine and skiing “narrow”.

Each manufacturer has its own flagship model that we present:

Atomic D2 SL RS

Length 165 cm ; Tip width 118 mm ; width c 66.5 mm ; tail width 102.5 mm ; RADIUS 12.5 m

Rossignol Radical world cup SL FIs IBOX racing slant nose

Sci asimmetrico

Sidecut non dichiarato

Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC PRO

Lunghezze disponibili 150 – 155 – 160 – 165 – 170 cm (sidecut per L 160 cm : 122-69-103)

Volkl Racetiger SL Race Stock WC

Lunghezze disponibili 155 – 160 – 165 cm (sidecut per L 160 cm : 108-64-94)

Dynastar speed omeglass WC Slant nose

Sci asimmetrico

Lunghezze disponibili 155 – 165 cm (sidecut per L 160 cm : 120-65-102)

Elan SLX FIS Wave Flex plate

Lunghezze disponibili 155 – 165 cm

Salomon 3V Race Powerline

Lunghezze disponibili 155 – 160 – 165 – 170 cm (sidecut per L 160 cm : 118-67-102)


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