Winter tires

Winter tires and snow tires, YOU STILL HAVE DOUBTS ?

Winter tyres also called snow tires or tires thermals are suitable to travel safely frozen and snow-covered roads or take your car anyway with security on sdruciolevoli.

Gli pneumatici invernali also called gomme da neve or thermal tires are tires with all ’ features for use on snowy roads, icy and still guarantee a ’ great grip when the temperature drops below 7° C , even on mud.

The thermal tires sono riconoscibili dalla scritta M&S or M S on the side, What does that mean Mud and Snow ( mud and snow), can be used continuously as a four-seasons tires, while others have on the side a symbol depicting a rope with a snowy star, to show that the compounds are particularly suitable for ’ use on snowy or icy roads chill.

The mix of gomme da neve is characterized by a ’ high percentage of silica that helps l ’ ’ grip on asphalt in winter.

The tread of winter tire It is rich in gills and with particular designs; It is precisely the design of the blocks to be durable in the snow, in fact, the spaces between the plugs fill with snow and foster held snow-snow, significantly higher than the road-snow, as it would with traditional tires.

WINTER ORDERS 2013 -2014

And’ necessary to point out that Italian law makes no difference between thermal tires, winter tyres or snow chains; are all equivalent. However although snow tires are very practical especially on roads with alternating or snow on the highway and do not require intervention for mounting as the chains; the latter are more effective in the presence of a lot of snow or on roads with high slope. For example in the high mountains !

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