Path of peace 23-24 July 2011

The manifestation “Path of peace” now in its second edition and retraces the path 605 Civago blade Lite (KING). You will find peace view by children and great thinkers, and the ’ idea of peace that Emergency builds every day.
Blade Lite you will find volunteers with a banquet information and gadgets (in case of strong wind will be at refuge Battisti). The Lake Calamone c/o Ventasso Laghi the program provides: Exhibitions-Music-Readings-Kites.

How does l ’ idea of the path of peace

The idea of organizing an event for Emergency on’ Appennino tscoemiliano, born randomly from some volunteers "walkers" during an evening in a mountain hut, in front of a glass of wine. The idea is proposed at the meeting of the Group of volunteers in Emergency and enthusiastically received.
And’ was decided on trail 605 as ideal, part from the homes of Civago to arrive to Refuge Battisti, runs within a beautiful beech forest and pine forest, along the way they meet some shelters, the s. Leonardo, the Abetina Reale and the refuge Battisti.
The preparation has involved a group of volunteers for several months that you are experienced both in design and implementation.

The first manifestation l ’ last year, the 24 July 2010

Boots at the foot, shouldering backpacks laden with all the necessary materials . At the beginning of the path a large sign where you explained what the hikers were found to accompany them along the route.

The first part, until the Mill was dedicated to children's drawings, a second part to the thoughts of peace, and finally "our idea of peace".
Finally, where the trees thin out, the path was marked with wooden stakes who support peace flags.

All accompanied the hikers to the refuge Battisti , where they were welcomed with a colorful feast of gadgets and information material, a notebook and a flag of peace.

Ever wonder in front of Emergency, even when it is found in mountain trails !!!

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