Disenchanted mountain : photo exhibition

Will be inaugurated Saturday, 23 July 2011 pm 17.00 on the premises of the Rectory of Lake (TV), within the Lago Film Fest, "Disenchanted", a photographic exhibition by Corrado Piccoli, sponsored by Aku. A fascinating journey of personal search of the traces of lives, resistance and new forms of re-existence in the mountains, testimony of places linked that struggle to not disappear.

Aku, among the leading brands in the shoe market for trekking and outdoor, It is once again sponsoring a tale of life in the mountains and Alpine tradition and cultural heritage protection, echoed through the photos of view "disenchanted" of Corrado Piccoli. An exhibition of photographs that tell the existence, resistance and new forms of re-existence in the mountains, the result of the research staff of small, on display from 23 July to 7 August 2011 on the premises of the Rectory of Lake (TV) under the "Lago Film Fest". The exhibition, sponsored by the public library of the municipality of Revine Lago and sponsored by Aku, as well as Zardetto and Sparkasse – Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano (Filiale di Conegliano), will be inaugurated on Saturday 23 July 2011 pm 17.00 and can be visited for free, until the 30 July from 16.00 at 23.00 e dal 31 July to 7 August from 18.00 at 21.00.

The shots of small, made in various localities in the municipality of Zoldo Alto and Forno di Zoldo in the Zoldo Valley as part of a project started in 2006, capture small details that encapsulate field, sense of time, effort, Master craftsmanship. Precious elements of the rich universe of stories and experiences that is the mountain, at the same time constitute important traces of a life hard, in a hushed as inexorable disappearance, and accounts of the fight to survive. Photos of small, as Windows to the past, present and future, invite for questioning about enchantment and disenchantment, memory and abandonment of places linked, scenario of a life certainly difficult, but that is a rich heritage to be preserved. A message shared and supported by Aku, whose activity always celebrates his passion for the mountains as a place to live, stories and traditions to protect and pass on.

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