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The best Spinning Rod for trout in a mountain stream

We try to understand what barrel is better use to do spinning in torrent, or mountain material. Fishing enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves spinning trout in streams, explore the full range of products available in the market to identify the spinning Rod solution for this specific technique. Let us see what rod is best suited for mountain trout fishing spinning ....

In questo articolo parliamo di torrenti di alta montagna o di riali con modesta portata d’acqua, great places to Wild trout, trout and Grayling. In small ’ water courses, It is not necessary to have long and powerful rods, in fact you'll actually launch, for the most part, degli artificiali di misure 0 or 1 con un peso di max 5 GR. La lunghezza della canna può addirittura diventare un problema durante la risalita dei riali, When we enter into vegetation.

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The Council is to adopt high modulus carbon fiber rods with length between 6′ and 7′ about, (180 cm and 210 cm) con capacità di lancio da 2 a 10 GR.

In this natural setting you'll actually manage light artificial (whether they are rotating, Spinner, Minnow or Silicones) and the most important thing will be to have the sensitivity for control of ’ bait during the launches and especially during recovery. It's Spinning light or ultralight but can give enormous satisfaction and also captures of size that will be great fun during fighting with canes “read”.

The ideal would be a fast action rod with parabolic mono, However the advantage during the ’ fishing action obtained with a cane mono piece, will be paid dearly when ascending rivers of these torrentini often infrascati and hidden, le risalite infatti sono vere e proprie escursioni tra il trekking e l’arrampicata, in order to reach the most beautiful and least visited holes, where older trout are generally. For this reason there are telescopic or spinning rods “travel bags”, che possono essere chiuse con ingombri molto ridotti 50-60 cm, very comfortable during the climbs, but with mainly action and therefore not very performant.

The best compromise is in our opinion the two piece rods keeping a ’ very valid action is being launched that operational, and can be broken down and secured to your backpack during ascents that require two hands free.



One important thing is the ’ barrel action, that will have to be FAST or EXTRA FAST, in fact when retrieving ’ bite is felt l will be essential to have “prompt response” the barrel for shoeing the fish, otherwise we won't be able to “hook-set” the prey.

In combination with all ’ fast action will use braided or nylon rod with low elasticity, in order to speed up the ’ action of ferrata.

Besides the ferrata, It is important to l ’ barrel action upon recovering the fish, in fact, in the case of large trout a ’ action parabolic the spinning Rod will allow the Composite fibers (with which you made the barrel itself) di lavorare al meglio rispetto ad una canna con azione di punta e sarà anche più divertente durante il combattimento. In fact l’parabolic action see the contribution, more or less uniform, Dell ’ entire structure during the ’ action, and then it is intuitive to understand more fully how you work.

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