Spinning Fishing Creek

Fishing holidays in Italy between the streams of the Alps and Apennines

List of rivers and streams for trout and Salmonidae, for your fishing holidays in Italy in search of larger prey, but mostly the serentità and fun that can give you a fishing holiday immersed in nature. Fishing at trout, Rainbow Trout, char, Grayling, Chub etc. ...

The Italian peninsula is rich in rivers, torrenti e piccoli affluenti che formano una rete fluviale importante e ricca di fauna ittica. The most prestigious species present are the Chub, Grayling, the trout , the brown trout, the rainbow trout, trout, rainbow trout etc…

All types listed above you can catch with the spinning with big fun.

Fishing enthusiasts, once or twice all year ’, are encouraged to organize fishing holidays in Italy, because the streams especially in the ’ Alps and Apennines, they are really nature's Wonderland, able to give emotions with each fisherman.

Fishing trips can be challenging even for ascending along the Creek, that become real extreme trekking sessions suitable for fishermen, looking for wild fish, or walks where children can have fun to fish.

Below is a selection of ski resorts between Alps and Apennines, where to fish in the rivers most beautiful ’ Italy

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Valle d'Aosta Hotels fishing for trout

Monterosa Ski Hotels
Cervinia Hotel
La Thuile Hotels
Courmayeur Hotels
Pila Hotels
Champoluc Hotels
Saint Rhemy Hotels
Valgrisenche Hotels
Cogne Hotels

Piemonte Hotels for fishing

Bardonecchia Hotels
Mondolè Ski Hotels
Macugnaga Hotels
Lemon Hotel
Sestriere Hotel
Pragelato Hotels
Lurisia Hotels
Argentera Hotels
Crissolo Hotels
Garessio 2000 Hotel
Mottarone Hotels

Lombardy Hotels for fishing in the mountains

Livigno Hotels
Bormio Hotels
Aprica Hotels
Stelvio Hotels
Adamello Ski Hotels
Val Chiavenna Hotels
Borno Hotels
Valmalenco Hotels
Presolana Hotel
Piazzatorre Hotels

Trentino Hotels fishing for trout

Val di Fassa Hotels
Hotel Cermis Cavalese
Madonna di Campiglio Hotels
San Martino di Castrozza Hotels
Paganella Hotels

Folgaria Ski Hotels
Monte Bondone Hotels
Pejo Hotels

Tyrol Hotels in search of Marmorata

Val Gardena Hotels
Alta Badia Hotels
Val di Fiemme Latemar Hotels
Plan de Corones Hotel
Alta Pusteria Hotels
Carezza Hotels
Plose Hotel
Val Senales Hotels
Solda Hotels
Racines Hotels

Friuli Hotels trout fishing

Forni di Sopra Hotels
Piancavallo Hotels
Ravascletto Hotel
Tarvisio Hotels
Nassfeld Hotels
Sella Nevea Hotels

Apennines Hotels close to streams

Cerreto Laghi Hotels
Monte Cimone Hotels
Abetone Hotels
Hotel Corno alle Scale
Campo Felice Hotels
Campo Imperatore Hotel
Hong Kong Hotel

Roccaraso Hotel
Campitello Matese Hotels
Terminillo Hotel
Camigliatello Silano Hotels
Pescasseroli Hotels
Singapore Hotel
Scanno Hotel
Passo Lanciano Hotel
Etna Hotel

Veneto Hotels in mountain

Cortina d Ampezzo ’ Hotels
Madesimo Hotels
Altopiano di Asiago Hotels
Owl Hotel
Sappada Hotels
Nevegal Hotels
3 Hotel Dolomites Valleys

Alps Hotel to fish all foreign ’

Davos Hotels
St. Moritz Hotel
Crans Montana Hotel
Les deux Alpes Hotels
Hotel ’ Tignes Val d Isere
Chamonix Hotel
Kitzbuhel Hotel

Fishing holidays in VALLE D AOSTA ’

River Dora Baltea; The Dora di Bardonecchia; Dora La Thuile; River Dora Rhèmes; The Dora di Veny; River Dora Valdisangre; The Dora di Val Ferret; Torrent Artanavaz; Torrente Ayasse; Torrente Chalamy; Torrent Clusella; Torrent Liconì; The River Evançon; Torrent Grand Eyvia; The River Lys; Torrent Marmore; Torrent Saint Barthelemy; Torrent Saint Marcel; The River Sovara.


Fishing holidays in Piedmont

River Dora Baltea; The Dora di Bardonecchia; River Dora Riparia; Orba River; Po River; Sesia River; The river Stura di Ala; The river Stura di Demonte; The river Stura di Lanzo; The river Stura di Ovada; The river Stura di Valgrande; The river Stura di Viù; The Tanaro River; Ticino River; The River Toce; Torrent Agogna; Torrent Angrogna; Torrent Anza; The Borbera Torrent; The River Cannobino; Torrent Cantogno; Deer Creek; Chisola Torrent; The River Chisone; River Chiusella; Torrent Curone; Torrent Divedra; The Ellero Stream; Gesso; Stream Grana; Torrent Kant; The River Maira; Malone Creek; Mastallone Torrent; Melezzo Stream; Torrent Mass; Torrent Mondalavia; The River Orco; Stream Ovesca Stream; The River Pellice; Torrent Palmer; Torrent Pescone; The River Pesio; Stream San Giovanni; The Stream Sermenza; Torrent Sessera; The Soana Stream; Strona Torrent; Torrent Varaita; Torrent Vermenagna; Rio Carey; Rio Horn; Rio Freddo; Rio Richiaglio; Rio Sant Anna ’; Rio Grande Valley.


Fishing holidays in Lombardy

Adda River; Brembo River; Brembo River in Branzi; Brembo River of Foppolo; River Churches; River Dezzo; The River Mella; The Oglio River; The Serio River; Ticino River; Acqualina Torrent; Torrent Agogna; Torrent Bitto; Bondione Torrent; The River Caffaro; Carter Creek; Torrent Colmegno; The River Cuccio; Torrent Frigidolfo; Torrent Gladden; Torrent Jonah; The River Liro; Torrent Livo; Torrent Livrio; Torrent Madrasco; The Mallero River; Torrent Masino; River Mera; Torrent Nesa; The River Ogna; Torrent Perlo; Pioverna Torrent; The River Staffora; Telo Torrent; Creek Park; Torrent Toscolano; Tresa Stream; The Stream Varrone; Rio Tormo; Muzza Channel; Rahul Castellana; Rogge Merette; Canal St Joan.


Fishing holidays in South Tyrol

The Adige River; The Brenta River; River Churches; Inn River; The Rienza River; The Sarca River; Torrente Arnò;Torrente Astico; Aurino Torrent; The Avisio Torrent; The Stream Cismon; River Ega; River Fersina; The Stream Gadera; Torrent Gargitt; Torrent Grigno; Torrent Larganza; Torrent Meledrio; Torrent Bushel; Noana Torrent; Walnut Creek; Torrente Passirio; Torrent Rabbies; Torrent Talvera; Torrent Tinne; Travignolo Torrent; Tresenica Torrent; Torrent Vanoi; River Vermigliana; Rio di Anterselva; Rio Bianco; Rio Cadino; Rio di Valzanca; Rio Maso; Rio Plima; Rio Valsorda; Rio Falschauer.


Fishing holidays in VENETO

The Adige River; The Brenta River; River Cadore; The Monticano River; Piave River; The River Sile; The River Soligo; River Tergola; River Report; The River Agno; The River Ansiei; Torrente Astico; The River Bacchiglione; The Stream Caorame; Torrent Catalan; The Stream Cismon; The Cordevole Torrent; Torrent Farrow; Torrent Pillory; Torrent Lastego; Torrent Leogra; Torrent Lia; Torrent Longhella, Torrent But; Malunga Torrent; Torrent Mis; Torrent Curmudgeon Old; Posina Torrent; Torrent Silan; The Stream Stien; Torrent Timonchio; Torrent Vajo of Squaranto; Torrent Val d Assa ’; Torrent Val Civetta; Torrent Zero; Rahul Braganzina; Maestra Canal; Rahul Monza; Roggia Mordini; Rahul Verlata; Channel Malgher; Red Channel.


Fishing holidays in FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA

River Aussa; River Fella; Soča River; River Ledra; The River Livenza; River Natisone; River Sestian; The River Sile; River Stella; The Tagliamento River; Cut River; Vipava River; Arzino Torrent; Torrent But; River Cellina; Torrent Adababe4love; Chiarsò Torrent; Torrent Chiarzò; Torrent Salu; Torrent Cosizza; Torrent Degano; Torrent Erbezzo; Loyal Torrent; The River Lumiei; Torrent Malina; The Meduna Torrent; Namlen Torrent; The River Noncello; Torrent Pesarina; Resia River; Creek Week; Slizza Torrent; Torrent Tarcenò; Torrent Tholins; The Torre Stream; Vajont Torrent; Torrent Varmo; Rio Brentella; Hot Rio; Rio Curiei; Rio Fiumetto; Rio Gravotti; Rio Mulignana; Rio Selva; Rio Crooked Vein.


Fishing holidays in EMILIA ROMAGNA

The river Bidente of Dogwood; The river Bidente of Pietrapazza; The river Bidente Ridracoli dam; River Lamone; The River Montone; The Panaro River; River Parma; River Rhine; River Santerno; River Savio; The Secchia River; Senio River; Taro River; Trebbia River; Torrent Alferello; Torrent Ameva; Aveto Torrent; Torrente Baganza; Torrent Boreca; The Brasimone Torrent; Torrent Calamone; Torrent Cedra; Torrent Ceno; Torrent Cerretano; Dardagna River; Torrent Dolo; Dragon Torrent; Torrent Enza; Torrent Fellicarolo; Torrent Gotra; Torrent Lavaiano; Brook Licks; Torrente Leo; Limentra Torrent; The River Lonza; Torrent Luretta; The River Nure; Torrent Hospitable; Torrent Ozola; Torrent Para; River Rabbi; Torrent Riarbero; The Stream Rossenna; Torrente Scoltenna; Torrent Cooler; Torrent Senatello; Torrent Sect; Torrent Silla; Torrent Sintria; Torrent Tarodine; Creek Park; Warm Creek; River Tramazzo; Torrent Venola; Torrent Vergatello; Rio Still Waters; Rio delle Tagliole.


Fishing holidays in LIGURIA

The Bormida River of Mallare; River Bormida di Millesimo; River Bormida di Pallare; River Bormida di Spigno; River Petronio; Trebbia River; The River Vara; Torrente Argentina; River Arroscia; Aveto Torrent; Torrente Bevera; Bisagno; Creek Bag; Torrent Carpasina; Torrent Cerusa; Torrent Crovara; Torrent Gottero; The River Impero; Torrent Board; Torrent Greevil; Torrent Eat; Maremola Torrent; Torrent Black Guy; Torrent Neirone; Nervia Torrent; River Neva; The Orba River; Torrent Oxentina; Torrent Pogliaschina; Torrent Pora; Torrent Roja; Torrent Ruschia; Torrent Scrivia; Stura; River Teiro; Torrent Torza; Torrent Usurana; Creek Varenna; Rio Lerca; Rio Lerone; Rio Pennavaria.


Fishing holidays in Tuscany

River Arno; The Fiora River; River Lamone; River Lima; Slim River; Ombrone River; The Pescia River; River Rhine; River Santerno; Senio River; The River Serchio; Sieve River; Torrent Afra; The River Albegna; The Ambra Stream; Torrente Ania; The Stream Arbia; Torrent Archiano; Aulella; Bagnone Torrent; Botena Torrent; Comano; Torrent Corsalone; Torrente Farma; Torrent River; The River Frigido; The Stream Gordana; The River Greve; Torrent Magnifier; Torrent Penolo; Torrent Rassina; Torrent Resco; Torrent Splinter; Singerna Creek;Stream Solano; The River Staggia; Torrente Taverone; Torrent Pan; The River Turrite Cava; The River Turrite Secca; The Sestaione Stream; Green Creek; Vezza Torrent; Rio Bardine; Ditch Barnacles.


Fishing holidays in MARCHE

River Bosso; Burano River; Candigliano River; The River Cesano; The Chienti River; The Esino River; River Marecchia; The Metauro River; The Musone River; The Black River; River Power; The River Tenna; The River Tronto; Torrent Abd; Torrent Aso; The River Auro; Torrent Balbano; Bevano Torrent; Torrent Biscubio; Torrent Castellano; Torrent Certano; Torrent Cinisco; Creek Hollow; Torrent Esinante; Fenella Torrent; Torrent Fiastrone; Torrent Fluvione; Furnace Creek; Stream Garrafo Stream; Torrent Giano; Torrent Marena; Torrent Meta; Torrent Mutino; Torrent Palente; Torrent Sanguerone; Torrent Sant Antonio ’; Scarsito Creek; Torrent Sentino; Torrent Tallacano; Torrent Tarugo; Tennacola Creek; Torrent Nadh; Rio Vitoschio; Ditch of Campodonico.


Fishing holidays in UMBRIA

The River Chiascio; The River Clitunno; Horn River;The River Menotre; The Black River; River Deaf; The River Topino; The Velino River; River Vigi; Aggia; Torrente Argentina; Yvonne Torrent; River Caldognola Bridge; Torrent Campodonico; Torrent Campiano; Carpina Torrent; The River Chiani; Torrent Fersinone; Torrent Blade; Torrent Pass; Torrent Pescia; The River Rasina; Torrent Reign; Torrent the Rio; Torrent Sentino; Sally Torrent; Tescio Torrent; Torrent Takeshima; Torrent Vaid; Torrent Valluru; Channel Ironworks; Form of Middle; Shape Dough; Rio Capodacqua; Rio Fergia; Rio Vaccara; Ditch of bathrooms; Ditch Noise; Ditch Sciola; Sensible Ditch; Ditch Vetorno. LAZIO River Amaseno; The Aniene River; Horn River; The River Fibreno; River Gari; The Liri River; Rapid River; The River Tronto; River Turano; The Velino River; Arbor Creek; Torrent Chiarino; Stream Nymph; Torrent Peschiera; River Rat; Creek Jump; Simbrivio River; The Stream Vallelunga; Torrent Vallolina; Rio Scandarello; Ditch of the grinding wheel; Ditch Stridon; Channel Fiumarone; Channel Santa Susanna.


Fishing holidays in ABRUZZO

Alento River; The River Aterno; Arielli River; River Avenna; The River Aventino; River; River Gizio; River Garden; River Bullock; River Wash; The Liri River; Mavone River; River Orfento; River Orta; Pescara River; Salinello River; Sangro River; River Tavo; River Tirino; River Tan; The River Trigno; River Val; Real River; The Vomano River; Torrent Hanifmahdi; Torrent Castellano; Torrent Chiarino; Torrent Cotaro; Deep Creek; Torrent River; Stream Source; Torrent Forum; Torrent Gallero; Owl Creek; Torrent Leomogna; Torrent Nora; Torrent Parello; Torrent Rajale; Torrent Ruzzo; Torrent Saggitario; Torrente San Callisto; Torrent Schiavone; Torrent Tevera; The River Tordino; Turcano Torrent; Green Creek; Torrent Zinc; Torrent Zittola; Rio Arno; Rio Fork; Rio Fucino; Rio Sparto; Rio Valentine. The Biferno River In MOLISE; River Carpino; The Volturno River; Torrent Callora; Torrent Knight; Torrente Quirino; River Rio; Torrente San Bartolomeo; Torrent T; Awesome Torrent; Torrente Vandra; Torrent Valliappan; Torrent Zittola; Rio Santa Maria del Molise; Ditch Rava Pozzilli.


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