Anton Krupicka a Milano

Couldn't that be the store DF Sport Specialist, Neilson Street in Milan, with its 1.500 square meters dedicated to running to accommodate the evening of cycle "face to face with the big sports"with the well-known American ultra-runner Anton Krupicka.

The appointment, organized with La Sportiva of which Krupicka's Ambassador, is dedicated to all lovers of mountain running but also, climbing, Alpine skiing and scrambling, disciplines which Krupicka is working more and more in his role as 360° outdoor athlete.

Class 1983, unique look from trail runner adventurer and known worldwide for many companies in the context of the world's toughest ultra trail races, Krupicka was born in Nebraska and lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Anton Krupicka runs from 1995 and can boast the participation in his first marathon at the age of 12 age; nel 2006 and 2007 He won the famed Leadville 100 setting new standards in Endurance competitions, winning then the 50 mile Trail in 2009 and 2010, finishing second in the tough Western States 100 nel 2010 and winning in 2014 the prestigious Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

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The approach of Anton Krupicka its projects is absolutely unique and described by himself with the expression of "self-powered adventure", that is, a type of adventure dealt exclusively on their strengths and energy counting, fielded in sport that does, always in connection with nature.

Attracted to always from a philosophy and a lifestyle to "Into the wild", Krupicka lives for half the year literally "on the road" in the pick-up chasing his dreams of adventure in the mountains of the Western United States.

The evening of 6 April is also paid to Preview presentation of the short film "Purpose", discovering Anton: its origins, with images of his childhood taken from his personal archive, dreams and future goals of not only the athlete but mainly of man pursuing tenaciously, determining its sports projects.


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