Swimrun : The Salming Ot Comp shoes are Michelin tires

Looking for a new sport to keep fit, in contact with nature? The Swimrun could be the winning proposal, Running and swimming villages alternate, without changing zones, a rule that generates an additional challenge: athletes must run with the suit and swim with shoes on. Salming, Swedish brand specializing in high-performance running, He did not miss the opportunity to realize, relying on the experience in ground contact Michelin, a shoe dedicated to this growing discipline: slight, with a tread pattern designed to ensure a strong self-cleaning and an exceptional grip on wet and slippery surfaces. The Salming OT Comp was developed specifically for disciplines, as swimrun and orienteering, where the sudden changes in terrain and conditions require a shoe with excellent traction and adaptability, adaptability is in fact a fundamental characteristic to accomplish this type of races.


The Salming OT Comp is a lightweight shoe, 265 grams in size 7,5 UK, equipped with innovation 'fiber lite' developed by Michelin. Through the hot fusion of fibers and rubber is obtained from a tread reduced weight, flexible and, at the same time, stable, improving the interaction and adaptability to different types of terrain.
The new MICHELIN outsole is inspired by two tires for the French. The model mountain bike MICHELIN Wild Mud with "Twisted pieces” able to deform when they come into contact with the ground and then resume their original shape, a feature that allows to optimize the adherence to and exit from mud, e MICHELIN Starcross 5 by moto-cross, suitable for every type of soil and equipped with star-anchors that allow excellent traction and a high progressivity in curve.

The same features are found in the sole of this shoe. In the area under the arch, the tread has a structure that ensures stability, control and traction on obstacles. The construction of the upper of the Salming OT Comp is characterized by a body made of lightweight mesh that allows a high water drainage and good transpiration, qualities that make it ideal for swimrun. At most exposed side areas, at risk tearing and wear due to the rugged terrain, They were added RocShield ™ reinforcements, that protect the foot and the shoe.
Midsole around the DNA of the division running Salming given by Torsion Guidance System 62/75 ° and RunLite compound, characteristics that allow the foot to flex in the manner and in the correct locations and to have very thin midsole to allow the runner to read the better the soil, But writing off enough to make comfortable ride. drop in 4 mm. On the Italian market the footwear is sold with a suggested retail price of 160,00 Euro.

SWIMRUN CHEERS Race: the 9 June kicks off the third edition
Salming Italy will be partner of the event Swimrun Cheers Diego News, Swimrunner reference on the Italian scene. The event will include the promotion of the sport by organizing 16 test open to all, during which you can try the shoes on a path of about 9km, as well as during an exciting race, starting and finishing in Stresa which will kick off on 9 June. Two paths, IRON 39km (9 Swimming fractions and 8 quickly) e SHORT 22km (3 Swimming fractions and 3 quickly) that will lead the participants to swim and run the Borromean Islands, touching two lakes, Maggiore and Mergozzo and four municipalities Stresa, Baveno, Mergozzo, Verbania.

of team 2 May 2018