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Men's Trail Running Clothing Dynafit 2020

To practice trail running correctly it is essential to select the right materials. That's why Dynafit made its athletes choose a series of specific clothing suitable to face even the most demanding challenges and the longest trails.

Trail running enthusiasts are increasingly choosing to abandon the hard asphalt and immerse themselves in nature by running along the paths of the mountains and the uneven terrain of woods and slopes. To reach the peaks and go down the slopes quickly you need to have the right footwear on your feet, wear functional clothing and use light accessories, practical and equipped with the right technicality.

Which products you can rely on? DYNAFIT athletes reveal them to us, trail running enthusiasts, Hannes Namberger and Oriol Cardona Coll.


Hannes Namberger is Bavarian, has 30 years e, after participating for several years in ski mountaineering competitions, nel 2015 discovered the passion for trail running.

Specialist in long distance races, between 70 and 120 kilometers and characterized by significant differences in altitude, his biggest successes include winning the Großglockner Ultra-Trail in the 2018 (the distance 75 Kilometers) and first place in the legendary Transalpine Run in 2018.


«The best choice in bad weather; can even be worn over a backpack ».

A true ally to successfully challenge the wind and bad weather: is the DYNAFIT Ultra Gore-Tex® Shakedry ™ jacket that will allow all running enthusiasts not to give up going out even in the event of rain or sleet. Water column of 28.000 mm, featherweight of suns 150 grams and the ShakeDry ™ technology thanks to which the annoying raindrops will slide off the jacket with ease, are just some of the strengths of this garment. Among the pluses of Ultra Gore-Tex® Shakedry ™ by DYNAFIT also the ZipOver system which, in case of rain, allows you to expand the fabric surface on the back through the zip and thus wear the jacket comfortably even over the backpack. Remove the backpack and close the zip, the jacket can be quickly restored to its original size, remaining adherent to the body without excess material hindering freedom of movement during physical activity. Full length front zip, an internal pocket, taped seams and reflective inserts complete the garment.


«To store the most important objects like soft flask, fingers, cellphone and windproof jacket »

Running without hassle: the Glockner Ultra 2in1 shorts, performing and with camouflage pattern, it practically combines a tight short and tight to a wider short. For the inner shorts, DYNAFIT focuses on the S-Tech seamless construction that avoids annoying frictions giving maximum comfort. The holes on the fabric of the overpants make the garment, that barely weighs 130 grams, particularly breathable because they facilitate the circulation of air, a perfect feature for the hottest days. The cut is athletic and allows you to move in complete freedom. The elastic waistband is adjustable and gel pockets can be stored in the pockets, soft water bottles and all the objects you want to have with you.


«The ideal and inevitable companion during almost all mountain races. Convenient and comfortable, it can easily contain all the necessary equipment to always have with you during training and competitions ".

Volume of six liters, good breathability and low weight 186 grams. The DYNAFIT Vert backpack 6 it is ideal for short mountain rides. The elastic material of which it is made allows the backpack to adapt to the anatomy of the wearer, to guarantee optimal fit and comfort. The side opening allows you to easily store clean clothing and equipment to always keep on hand. The backpack, compatible with the main hydration systems, it has numerous compartments in which to store soft bottles, energy bars and everything you want to have with you. DYNAFIT Vert 6 it is also equipped with a fixing system for poles, waterproof compartment for valuables and reflective inserts that improve visibility in the event of evening rides in the dark.


Is Spanish, he is twenty five, his strong point is the Skyrace and when it comes to fast climbs he never goes back. Lui è Oriol Cardona Coll, one of the most successful trail runners in the world, in the DYNAFIT Team since 2013. In 2019 he won bronze at the mountain running world championships in Argentina, Villa la Angostura, the distance 41,5 Kilometers. His achievements in running include second place on the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series circuit.


«I love the many pockets of this shorts! I can bring everything I need. In addition, does not move during the race ».

Lo short DYNAFIT Vert, equipped with an integrated mesh shorts, it is ideal for the most demanding mountain races, even on the hottest days. Lightweight, the weight is only 92 grams, it is made with materials that guarantee maximum freedom of movement. The flat seams avoid annoying friction during movement and make the garment even more comfortable. The gels and the soft bottle can be stored in the back pocket, while in the one with zip the smartphone can be inserted.


«A light jacket that is not overly warm, thanks to the zip on the back, can be worn over the backpack! Thanks to the waterproof material with which it is made, even the most demanding workouts can be tackled in the rain ».

The DYNAFIT Alpine Waterproof jacket, with its 191 grams is very light, breathable and thanks to the flat seams completely waterproof. In case of rain, the innovative "Zip Over" system allows you to expand the fabric surface on your back through the zip and thus comfortably wear the jacket over the backpack. The thin fabric with which it is made is very pleasant to the touch and has a percentage of stretch that improves comfort during movement. Laser perforation under the arms increases breathability. Reflective inserts improve visibility in the dark.


«Light and practical! You can leave the house short-sleeved and, when temperatures drop, it is not necessary to put on the jacket immediately, just wear these sleeves »

The DYNAFIT Ultra sleeves are ideal to wear during longer mountain runs or during early morning workouts when temperatures are lower. Made with the innovative S-Tech technology and therefore completely free of seams, offer maximum comfort. The soft material is highly breathable, elastic and resistant.


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