MOUNTAIN & TRAIL GRAN PRIX 2017 : Ufficializzato il calendario del FIDAL Mountain and Trail Grand Prix 2017.

Official schedule FIDAL Mountain and Trail Grand Prix 2017. Title sponsor of the second edition of the competition dedicated to the world of mountain running and Trail will be AEOLUS, leading supplier of fast internet and broadband. The programme will be divided into 15 evidence, from April to November, divided into three specialty cups: Sneezy Mountain Classic Cup, Sneezy Vertical Cup and Aeolus Trail Running Cup.

FIDAL Mountain and Trail Grand Prix 2017 – The Calendar
Super Rank: Summation of 15 evidence (classifications according Regulation of Grand Prix)

Mountain Classic Cup:

1 30/04/2017 Carroll (BS) Trophy Nasego – Long Distance Championships
2 14/05/2017 Albavilla (CO) Trophy Jack Channels
3 28/05/2017 ARC (TN) Bolognano-Mount Velo – Italian Championship Round 1 (single climb)
4 13/08/2017 Malonno (BS) Flex Trail
5 20/08/2017 Margno Pian delle Betulle (LC) Italian Championship Round 2 (ascent and descent)


Vertical Cup:

1 08/04/2017 Montagna in Valtellina (I KNOW) Valtellina Vertical Tube
2 29/04/2017 Carroll (BS) Italian Championship Vertical Kilometer
3 12/08/2017 Malonno (BS) Piz Tri Vertikal
4 03/09/2017 Ceresole Reale (To) Km Ranger vertical
5 08/10/2017 Chiavenna (I KNOW) Chiavenna – The lagunc

Trail Cup:

1 23/04/2017 Chiavenna (I KNOW) Bergell Valley Trail
2 01/07/2017 Tonadico (BL) Dolomites Primiero Marathon
3 10/09/2017 Sant'Eufemia a Maiella (PE) K42 Italy
4 23/09/2017 Gavirate (VA) SNEEZY Meadow Trail (Short trail and Trail along)
5 05/11/2017 Signs (LT) Trail of the Monti Lepini


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