SKYRACE ALTA VALTELLINA 2017 with Livigno Mini Skyrace

The Skyrace of alta Valtellina 2017 in Val Viola is now in its fifth edition, This year will be staged on 25 June.

Among the new features, the twinning with the Livigno Mini Skyrace to be held eight days before, the 17 June, with a leaderboard and a nice gadget for all those who will finish the two tests.
The classic date of early June of ’ high Valley, organized by Alta Valtellina Athletics in collaboration with the Pro Loco Valdidentro and with the support of numerous charities in Valdidentro, defers slightly data than ever before and fits into a schedule that sees the Sondrio province attract Skyrunners Italians and foreigners in its splendid Alpine region for two intense and exciting weekend to revel in running.



The Val Viola as a location of ’ event, aroused unanimous in the past, and routes of about 21km with 820mt in altitude is suitable even novice users of this outdoor specialties !
Place of departure and arrival, as usual will be Arnoga, place found in all dimension ’ 1900m shadow of Cima Piazzi where will set up the tent for the farewell lunch.
Last year about 200 competitors finished the race fulfilled, and he decreed the winners furvese Walter Tan in 1:37’ 19” and, in 1:48’ 17”, the Piedmont but Bormio d ’ adoption, as well as Skyrunning world champion, Elisa Desco.

“Race in this part of the Alps is a privilege for many that deserves to be embraced thanks to the synergy of multiple events” – Queste le parole di Marco De Gasperi, athlete and organizer, from this ’ year between the Ambassador of ’ Alta Valtellina Skyrace, “Who does not know these places, But even those who consider a family site as in the case of the undersigned, they cannot help but be enchanted by the beauty of a similar environment. It is not a difficult race, but the stretch from purple to Rifugio Dosdè on a beautiful technical single track descent, as well as being fun, It is considered a great workout in view of further seasonal goals”.

As always l ’ eye of Athletic ’ Alta Valtellina is aimed toward the young and very young. In the morning will be repeated an appointment dedicated to them: race distances vary depending on the category you want to first introduce them to the fascinating and exciting world of off-road running.

of team 4 March 2017