Skyrunning Trofeo KIMA 2020

Skyrunning Trofeo KIMA 2020 : The Great Race on the Path Roma will again test "supersky" of Migu Circuit Run Skyrunner World Series. New entry 2020 The Kima Extreme Skyrace drawn on the final part of the ultra test. Confermatissimi Kima Trail e MiniKima. It works to issue "plastic free. New rules of engagement: will only be allowed the world elite of the specialty ".

Many news for Trofeo Kima 2020. The Running Race coolest the international stage again raises the bar with new rules of engagement that will bring on Path Rome only the world elite of the discipline. The last weekend of August the granite peaks of the "Yosemite European" will be the navel of the sky runners world: from beginners to top runner can try their hand on highly spectacular routes and experience first hand a demonstration in the outdoor world is myth, tradition, legend.

Saturday 29 August to raise the curtain will Kima Trail, Mini Kima e Kima Extreme Skyrace: An extreme race in word and deed. starting location and destination will always be the area in front of the Casa delle Guide to Filorera. A maximum number of 800 competitors (500 sul trail 300 on the new sky) They will have the chance to race in the natural paradise of the Val di Mello to approach the world of in-kind ride soft way, or to test first-hand the severity of the mountains of Val Masino retracing the last part of the legendary Trofeo Kima. The competitors will go to 25.5 km for a height difference of 1.850 mt with ascent to the refuge Gianetti, passage to the mythical Step Barbacan (2570 masl GPM race) and descent towards the refuge Omio. A little taste of Kima Trophy with the ability to get involved in the final part of the most mythical of Ultra SkyMarathon.

If Kima Trail and Mini Kima are confirmed in the same format as 14 & 6 km, the news 2020 It concerns the new Kima Extreme Skyrace.

Sunday 30 August finale, the global elite skyrunning will compete on the more technical, plane and spectacular track of the Alps. From 29 of February 280 selected athletes (20 places will be reserved for the big names of the world series circuit) They will have a month's time to confirm subscription and then will begin to dream those 52 tecnicissimi kilometers with 8.400 m di dislivello totale e sette passi alpini tutti sopra i 2500m (Maximum altitude step Cameraccio 2.950 m) they have created the myth of Kima.

At the start of the test "supersky" of Migu circuit Run Skyrunner World Series (will award double points and this will be even more desirable for the ranking) They will be accepted 300 athletes; best intrepreti the specialty admitted to "skyrunning" university after careful selection.


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