LA SPORTIVA Mountain Running CUP 2020

La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup 2020, from May 1 to 13 September, 5 places not to be missed….

A Molina di Fiemme, in the heart of La Sportiva, It was presented the 9th edition of the jogging circuit that encloses the most beautiful skyrace and best organized of the "Bel Paese". Among important confirmations and good news, the organizing committee has scheduled an appointment a month, mixing competitions with proven experience to other emerging decisively.

RESOCONTO Mountain Running CUP 2019 :

The feedback collected, but most of the growth trend 5 stages showed the value of a project that has managed to maintain unchanged its appeal. The 8th edition brought 2218 "Sky runners" to travel 132km on the mountains of Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto (9800 m D ). On the final podium, in addition to the winners of the circuit Dragomir Denisa (serim) & Gabriele Bacchion (Tornado), climbed 60 finisher.


It will start Friday, May 1 ° from Valmadrera, on the shores of Lake Lecco, with a super classic early-season, while the finals will be back in mid-September in the heart of Val di Fiemme. In the middle of an appointment a month on Lombardy and Trentino mountains for a total of 5 stages, 122 km and 9500 m D . Are you ready ?

The "Sky of May”, in addition to being the first new entry 2020, It will also be the opening stage of the new circuit. At the court of a historic team, masterfully led by President Laura Valsecchi, you can test the condition of legs and a severe track and all lake view (23km 2010 m D ). The 7 June all in Ledro, on the border between Lombardy and Trentino mountains, for the second stage; a race that in little less than 20km encompasses everything that one seeks skyrunner: salite severe, air and spectacular descents ridges.

The 12 July, only for the brave, Pizzo Stella SkyMarathon, 35km (2650 m D ) that give you strong emotions. Una vera sky old style, magazine and revived in a modern way. Sunday 2 August, The second new entry of the new edition: Vigolana Skyrace. A wild test, Technical and only 20km from with 1700 m D .

Grand finale, like last year, the 13 September in the heart of Val di Fiemme. To decree the king and queen of the summer, the Latemar Mountain Race with its 25 tecnicissimi km (1500 m D ).


As always, it will be necessary to return in the ranking of the circuit have concluded at least 3 evidence. Scores in each stage award 110 points to 1st place. 88 al 2°, 78 al 3°, 72 al 4°, 68 al 5°. From 6 ° to 37 ° to Scalar 2 points, while from 38 ° up to exhaustion ranking will be awarded 2 points. If an athlete to take part in all 5 the evidence, They will be classified for the purpose of ranking the best 3 placings. It will obviously expected to be awarded (+20) bonus points for each race completed in addition to the 3 compulsory. There will be cash prizes for the top 10 women and the first 10 men. Those who have completed at least 3 tests will be entitled to the prize finisher.


of team 9 February 2020