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The Semnoz mountain is located approx 1700 m di altitudine nei pressi del lago di Annecy nell’alta Savoia Francese, the trails that can be used are all running dirt roads made of stones and rocks, during the period in which I ran in that area the weather has always been optimal and the paths were dry and compact. Off the path the grassy ground (pasture) had anyway consistent and compact bottom.

AKYRA shoes by “La Sportiva have been tested in this condition for several days for both Trail Running and for walks at high altitude in the same ground conditions. It's about shoes that they adapt well to any offroad situation both rocky and di dirt path, the weather conditions in France allowed a test in dry conditions, with total absence of mud or wet lawn.

Light trekking test with AKYRA c / o Ventasso Laghi (Reggio Emilia)

Starting from the Ventasso Laghi car park, near the Bar Il Faggio, I reached the Calamone lake on the dirt road which is composed of gravelly bottom and I continued towards the summit of Mount Ventasso passing by the Venusta refuge and reached the summit of Mount Ventasso. Along the lake you follow a path in clay and continue inside the forest where the bottom was softer and for some sections almost muddy, thanks to the rains of the previous weeks, until you get to the side of the mountain where the path that climbs the top is made up of rocky bottom.
During the climb we kept a fast pace, more like a light trekking excursion, to then lighten the clothing and continue with a Running pace that allowed you to continue at altitude on the path and on the lawn, which, following the grassy ski slopes, quickly led us back to the lake.

AKYRA Test Considerations (La Sportiva)

In general we can say that AKYRA shoes by “La Sportiva” are definitely suitable for mountain running on land Offroad, with any underlying condition. The sensation that is felt when wearing this shoe is undoubtedly of comfort, even if the sole is rigid enough to allow excellent performance on any terrain, in fact, torsional stiffness and flexion always guarantee control over the ground.
The grip is guaranteed on dry and wet terrains thanks to the design of the sole and the conformation that guarantees the natural support of the external heel and the internal toe of the foot during the run.



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