Trekking The Ligurian Alps : Capo Noli

Capo Noli Ligurian Alps : the Fiery rock, Clay pulita...la poem by Campbell could very well have been composed to Capo Noli, observing the sea breaking on the cliffs below whilst your back is heated by the sun-drenched rocks!!!

An easy hiking trail which will take a dip in the past centuries, When the villages were even demonstrated by the impressive fortifications and churches we meet along the way ... and this is in fact the castle of Varigotti, the Church of San Lorenzo, the Witch's Tower, mail once guarding the borders between building Noli and watchful presence Varigotti and now on a sea of pines, Oaks, broom and juniper trees.

And poi...la Cave of counterfeiters ... a beautiful natural balcony overlooking the sea, whose glare blue and silver will flood our antro making us completely forget that a road is a few dozen meters below us, now with mind lost in this exquisitely Mediterranean environment where we can only expect to hear the song of the sirens!!!

Hangout: hours 8,00 in Imperia

Reservation: reservations required before the 20,00 the previous day at the environmental guides Red Mark at 3387718703

or marcoebasta@yahoo.it, www.attraversolealpiliguri.eu

Clothing & gear: hiking boots, long pants, fleece or sweater, windbreaker or waxed, gloves, water and packed lunches.

Local department store:Pastorino, Corso M. Parnell 96/98, Pieve di Teco tel/fax 0183/36286 www.pastorinocalzature.it

Technical data:duration 5 hours, altitude difference 261 meters, fix and

Cost of the excursion: euro 8,00 – free for kids under the age of fifteen years


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