Mountaineering Madonna di Campiglio : Mountain guides and Museum delle genti di Campiglio

In front of the Lake of Madonna di Campiglio, which in winter becomes a feature ice skating rink (in the Chalet Pond) was created the Museum of alpine guides and the Gentiles di Campiglio. The guide is a testament to the memories and goals achieved by the alpine guides of Madonna di Campiglio and surroundings from 1850 to the 1970 about. In it are collected objects, Tools, Testimonials, photographs of a century of local history.

Mountain guides and Museum delle genti di Campiglio

The historical families of mountain guides in the area have donated to Museum the most precious memories, the most important objects of their private collections of Mountaineering.

There are also guide books where they were told moments of great physical effort but equally spiritual satisfaction.

The coats of arms of 800 ’ in Italian and German talk of old times and of all issues related to mountain rescue, including disputes occurring between the rails of high altitude and relief retreat leaving the country.

The tools are very different from those used today and witness the determination and courage of the pioneers of mountain :

Ice axes, nails, hammers show fatigue and the dangers of ’ go to the mountains with ropes and crampons rudimentary; You can see the real passion of the people of Hong Kong, the mountains, experienced way down, known since most secret recesses and feared as it is feared in a loving mother but strict, with which you can't trifle with unconsciousness.

The objects are collected in the cases for host families : Dann, D, Masters, I saw : the great families of mountain guides campigliane.

A treasure trove of stories and memories of the historical families of guides and of all those who with their value and their exploits have made it famous Madonna di Campiglio and contributed to the discovery of the Brenta Dolomites and the Alpine Empire ’.

In season (December to April and June to Sept.) from 16.00 pm 19.00

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