EDELRID celebrates 150 years of history and introduces new products at ISPO WINTER 2013

EDELRID in 2013 a toast to his early 150 years of history. A long entrepreneurial experience that gave birth to innovation and production of technical equipment for mountaineering and outdoor Made in Germany, by tying its name to enterprise and unforgettable mountain stories. EDELRID is distributed in Italy by www.panoramadiffusion.it

EDELRID It's an important story for fans of climbing and mountaineering. Amazing characters constantly migrating in search of new large and endless challenges. For each of these "worlds" where dreams have no clearly defined boundaries, but blend together to create ideas and projects, EDELRID from 150 years is a constant central to the success of any enterprise ". Gunther Acherer – head of Italy Edelrid.

EDELRID's mission for the next 150 years will be: "Opening to the future” for the development and creation of innovative products that will help give life to the future of our sport and a boost to a new and tangible environmental consciousness. EDELRID has ISO certification 14001 Bluesign ® and which proves once again that the ’ innovation, in terms of product quality and functionality can coexist with the idea of environmental protection and compliance resources.


The SHARK. Crampons fully convertible .
R by two key benefits: da un lato il sistema di associazione è completamente intercambiabile e in secondo luogo l’aspetto tridimensionale del processo produttivo permette di realizzare ramponi con una struttura unica più leggeri ed estremamente robusti. The SHARK è l’ideale per l’arrampicata su ghiaccio, Winter mountaineering and ’ use in shipping. It comes with three different binding systems, il che permette a Shark di adattarsi a tutti i modelli di scarponi. Il cliente ottiene la massima flessibilità e può scegliere se usarlo morbido, con attacchi semi automatici o automatici. Il ponte è regolabile per una perfetta vestibilità, without overlapping (also applies to the smaller size of boot).

Snipe 9.8 “/ 10,0 mm” – single rope
The first string with two diameters! The first and last 7 m single rope have a thicker sheath diameter 10 mm instead the central part is of 9,8 mm thick. This means that the insurer not only sees ’, but it feels to the touch when a climber is falling or falling. This reduces the risk of accidents and protects the ends of the rope (first and last 7 meters) that normally are more subjected to excessive stress from abrasion. Of course the shims are differentiated by different coloring to help the vision of those who make assistance. The rope is available in versions: 60 – 70 – 80 Mt. That great innovation!.

SPIDER PICK. A Rampone ingenious and useful.
Spider Pick guarantees great traction on snow-covered and icy surfaces and helps prevent slips and falls on the frozen ground, the snowy hills, winter woods and ice toboggan. In addition in all those situations that make you want to leave the House to play and train.
Spider Pick provides a weight saving and can be worn with normal trekking shoes and especially by runnig.
Are quick and easy to wear on any shoe. Their hard rubber beam fits all sizes. They are suitable for running and hiking boots and shoes, or. In addition, their elastic rubber stays flexible even at low temperatures, making them ideal for a wide variety of winter activities. Hardened steel chain links connect to hard elastomer in eight different spots. These multiple attachment points ensures a secure fit. Ten Tips provide excellent traction on snow and ice. The pick Spider 10-15 mm functional tips are more effective than short peaks seen mostly in town.
Spider choices are available in two sizes. Size S (Shoe size: UK 4-6,5), weight: 415g and size L (UK 7-9,5), weight: 430g. This means that weigh less than six points walking crampons. Prices: € 45.

of Naturaestrema.it team 30 January 2013