Mountain Refuge : a Conference to define Function, Architecture and environment “Shelters in the making”

Are more than a thousand, Perhaps more than twice the shelters and bivouacs on the Alps: It seems there are no reliable estimates. But what are the mountain refuges? Support points at high altitude for mountaineers, hospitality facilities for tourists in the mountain or visit a few daredevils unattended receiving artifacts climbers in a year? Those who use the shelters? It is better to renovate, or demolish and rebuild the buildings of mountain? How to integrate them into the environment?

Right to investigate the complex world of mountain refuge Trento, from 21 to the 28 March 2013, will host an International Conference, entitled "Lee in the making: architecture, functions and environment. Alpine experiences ", with representatives of the regions of the Alps and three exhibitions which explore the evolution of buildings built in high mountain.

The event is organized by the mountain Academy in Trentino, that continues the search started in 2011 with the Conference "Lee between tradition and innovation: What relationship with the mountain ". Now the search is more thorough, enlarged and current.
With Academy collaborate Association manage shelters in Trentino, the SAT, theThe Tourism Department of the province of Trento and finally, which scientific contact, theHigh altitude Sites Association Onlus.

In the Hall of the Palazzo della Regione in Piazza Dante a Trento, from 21 to the 28 March 2013 will be open to the public the exhibition entitled "Lee in the making". These are three exhibitions closely linked with each other and that together they can take stock of the situation of high altitude construction.

The first view, high altitude Sites Association Onlus, entitled "Mountain refuge yesterday and today”, follows on from the successful high-altitude Sites volume. Brief history of the building of huts in the Alps (Lineadaria, Biella 2011), being translated into German and French by the Swiss Alpine Club and considered "the first serious attempt to write the history of mountain huts". The exhibition illustrates the historical evolution of the huts that dot the Alps from France to Slovenia: a path developed in space and time, from 1750 the topical, led through a sequence of striking vintage prints and drawings, alongside recent pictures to color, reproduced in large format. On this occasion, Thanks to the contribution of mountain Academy of Trentino and the collaboration of the SAT and the Association manage shelters in Trentino, will be presented an ad hoc study dedicated to Lee of mountains of Trentino.
The second exhibition will present the competition launched in the province of Bolzano in 2012 for the renovation of 3 Lee: Ice bridge, Vittorio Veneto at Sasso Nero and Pius XI. Will be exposed the 24 executed projects for the contest, presented by as many high-profile studies of South Tyrol, divided into groups of 8 for each shelter.
The third view, entitled "Minimum living in the Alps”, presents the winning projects (among the 191 groups of architects, engineers and designers under 40) International ideas competition launched in 2012 in Valle Camonica to design a bivouac, that is "a minimal cell, province, reversible, dedicated to temporary shelter, to be placed along a mountain path in the Alpine region ".
The exhibits will be inaugurated Thursday 21 March, at 18, from an introductory lecture by Luca Gibello, President of high altitude Sites, on Lee's story. Admission is free from 9 at 20 from 21 March to 28 March.

The Conference "Shelters in the making: architecture, functions and environment. Alpine experiences "will take place at the Sala della Cooperazione Trentina di via Segantini, in Trento, on sunny days Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March 2013.
Developed in close collaboration with local mountaineering associations, In addition to restoring historical-technical information, It will also be a moment to collect testimonials from those that revolve around the world of Lee and were architects or witnesses of their transformations. This will be dell ’ ideal continuation of the Conference held on 20 may 2011 under the auspices of ’ Mountain Academy in Trentino, followed by acts and a readable poster on the site www.accademiamontagna.tn.it, that will serve as a basis for the elaboration of an additional document.

"It will be a moment of confrontation and international cultural development on the exploitation of the high mountains," says Egidio Bonapace, President of the mountain Academy in Trentino. Professionals will be involved – urban planners, Architects, engineers, Surveyors, agronomists, Geologists – in an extended discussion, where experts will deal directly with decision makers, property owners, manage and frequenters of the ramparts. Will also be called to bring its contribution experts and enthusiasts of different nationalities in the Alps. The eyes will widen worldwide a variety of skills and experiences, therefore, evidence from the European context, giving an International Conference.
The goal is to give visibility and voice to the mountain world, carefully to those who oversee the management of the ramparts, focusing on architectural and functional aspect but also on tourism and social imaginaries related to such structures. This is also in line with one of the main objectives of the newly established high altitude Sites cultural association Onlus, regarding the implementation of a large transboundary census of all shelters and bivouacs.

Friday in the morning – in the session which users for whom Lee? – We will try to understand, Thanks also to foreign experiences, If Lee can be considered, in a wider sense ’, cultural heritage as a result of a ’ "collective" and memorial sites, or repositories of shared values and stratified. It will investigate how much the audience of the frequenters of the shelters and how is changing. We will wonder if they are still relevant and cataloguing requirements on the basis of which are divided the properties at high altitude, What are the problems of management and what are the forms of hospitality that favor a ’ education to mountain.
During the afternoon session – Redevelopment or demolition/reconstruction? – you will assess how to behave operationally when structures exhibit clear obsolescence, what degree of comfort and should be given, in the case of extensions, What relationship set up with the old buildings. We will also discuss how to preserve the memory of the need of demolition. We will also ask if it still makes sense to build from scratch.

Saturday, Finally, a panel discussion will bring good examples of construction, expansion and renovation of buildings of high mountain.
Through round tables you will stimulate confrontation and outline proposals for the drafting of guidelines in continuity with the Lee poster 2011.
Thanks to the simultaneous translation you can follow the Conference also in German and French.

Registration is possible through the site of the mountain Academy, following the path "current activities", "Lee in the making", "Registration form".

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