The Italian Alpine Club (CAI) raises the dialogue with parks

The 2013 began with significant changes in the scenario of the relations between Italian Alpine Club "CAI", Parks and Federparchi.

At its meeting in Saturday 26 January the Central Committee to address and control of CAI adopted three protocols of cooperation to be signed with the protected areas: Gargano National Park, National Park of the Tuscan archipelago Cinque Terre National Park and ’. Reports of CAI with the parks affect Alps and Apennines (and related Conventions) with an overview ’ together open to all the territory. Starting from 1997, are ten protocols already signed and operating. With these three new understandings on CAI, in celebrating the 150° of the Foundation, strongly reiterates the role of the National Association and unitary South, the Centre and the North of our country.

"Through these agreements broadens the possibility of CAI to operate in the territory, as indeed has always. We played a key role in the birth of the first national parks, with the presence of our men in their executive organs ", said President of CAI Umberto Martini. "Today we want to partner with the Park through our sections for their maintenance and promoting everything a park can give to its territory, also from the economic point of view, in recognition of this ".

Together with the protocols with the CCIC Parks approved the CAI with Federparchi and the Società Speleologica Italiana with the ’ intent to engage with for knowledge and conservation of karst environments, highlighting the value of the underworld, among the most sensitive ’ pollution, singular for conformation, Geology and underground waters. Object of protection and the study will be the natural caves, the epigean and subterranean karst landscapes of natural value, historical and cultural.
The protocols provide for l ’ commitment of the CAI and 360° on each theme park on the territory, with task and resource planning and management. The project reference Guiding light, shelters and protected areas in a mountain alive for culture and nature ", with actions on trails (linear intervention), about shelters and in countries (punctual intervention), sull ’ protected area (operation range) and on the history of ’ man (intervention between nature and culture), with the aim of combining the history and activities of CAI, l ’ hiking, l ’ ’ protection of mountaineering and mountain environment, usage requirements, conservation and development expressed by Mountain Parks.

One of the first actions of the CAI will be to making operational the envisaged working groups CAI – Park they have the delicate task of playing a proactive action ’ of mediation and relationship with the Park by establishing programs and shared actions between regional groups, Sections, Commissions.

The mountains need confrontations and meetings, recovering a recognizable strong local value, without enclosing itself within its borders, addressed to the rest of the country social and institutional. With this intent the CAI is available for activities carried out together at the parks, they can leave concrete signs on the territory, conscious of the past and future of the mountains open to ’ innovation.

of Naturaestrema.it team 31 January 2013