A "forest bath" to discover the wild nature, outside and inside us

A great traveller and "bodyworker" leads an unprecedented seminar of immersion in nature in a "spiritual place" from the extraordinary charm: the sanctuary of Oropa, in the heart of the Biellese prealps in the beautiful natural and spiritual of the sanctuary of Oropa, will take place from 22 to the 24 March an unprecedented seminar: a weekend of immersion in wild nature. "Forest" is an actual practice of "experiential" ecology, to restore a deep contact with our "soul selva", that is our true nature, made of freedom, creativity and intelligence psychic, through the primordial contact with nature in the infinite complexity of a forest.

A modern pilgrimage in nature that turns into a path of healing and inner awareness, through meditation at sunrise, energetic dances, sensory walks and much more.
Help for this fascinating journey will be Italo Bahr, great traveller and photographer who dedicated himself to the study of twenty years of distant cultures like those Himalayan shamanic, Chinese and Japanese, implementing numerous projects to stimulate the growth potential of human nature. A talented teacher: great traveller, writer, journalist and photographer, scholar of culture and Eastern religions, Master of Watsu and Aichi, more recently became President of "Clown One Italy Onlus", the humanitarian organization that is headed by the famous physician-clown Patch Adams.

The seminar will be an extraordinary opportunity to meet and share your passion with other travelers, through careful attention to create an atmosphere of conviviality in the Group.
The seminar is organized by the slow movement, that deals with the dissemination of slow travel, walking and cycling, in all its aspects, cultural, social, technical and organizational and especially as a lifestyle.
"Forest" is part of a cycle is residential seminars dedicated to the dissemination of the culture of slow travel. Of the same cycle are part introductory courses to slow travel on foot and by bicycle, orientation courses with GPS or without any tools and creative writing courses in travel.

The seminars take place largely at the sanctuary of Oropa, spiritual place extraordinary charm, surrounded by lush vegetation and protected. The sanctuary is located just an hour and a half drive from Milan and Turin and can also be reached by public transport.

The website www.movimentolento.it is available the detailed programme of the seminar "Forest bath" and the calendar of upcoming events lenses.

For information:
Secretariat – Sabrina Bergamo seminari@movimentolento.it
Cell. 328 2021780

of Naturaestrema.it team 9 March 2013