The Gran Paradiso Park is the most famous Italian destination for sustainable tourism.

First to be set up in Italy, the Gran Paradiso National Park adds another record to his resume, 90 years after birth in fact, It turned out to be the best known of our country.

And’ This is the result of 3° relationship “Italians, sustainable tourism and ecotourism”, presented in Milan Univerde Foundation, on the occasion of BIT; the poll was conducted by IPR Marketing, known company of surveys and researches. For the first time research has included a section devoted to the Italian protected areas, including the Gran Paradiso, who finished in first place, followed by Stelvio and Cinque Terre when asked what was the most popular national park.

Other interesting findings from the report, whereby the 59% of Italians are attracted by the unspoiled nature in the choice of its tourist destinations and the 68% He visited a national or regional park.

The Italian public is even more attentive to the sustainability of the voyage in all aspects, by means of transport to get, all ’ attention all ’ environment by reception facilities, the quality of local products. Much of the majority judges that l ’ attention all ’ environment is an opportunity for growth and that sensitivity for sustainable tourism will increase over the next ten years.

Italo Cerise, President of the Park, comments on the news: “And’ definitely am proud to be counted as the most famous Park in Italy, but we believe this is not a point of arrival ’, How to start. And’ need to work together with local authorities to improve the chances of coming up in the Park, in more and more sustainable, and collaborate with the structures and operators of the territory for the ’ offer available to tourists both in line with their demands for quality and eco-compatibility”.

of Naturaestrema.it team 10 March 2013