Book mountain now ! Camping Hotel or apartment ? The Dolomites and Val di Sole are waiting !

Spend your holidays in the mountains in summer and you'll understand how much can be relaxing but fun ! The days are not long enough to carry out all activities that Val di Sole offers .... Switching from simple Trekking mountaineering, Rafting or Canoing in the Creek, one of the most famous in Europe.. Mountain biking is at home and the routes are countless more challenging downHill from the very basic to all-mountain. All in a beautiful Alpine setting ... ... the Brenta Dolomites !

The mountain not only is the place where you go to skiing during the Christmas holidays, the winter weekend or the classic ski week. Our beautiful Alps, and even more famous Dolomites, they are an opportunity for relaxation and recreation also, If not primarily, in summer, especially for nature lovers, who have occasion to immerse themselves in green spending her days in the open air.

Although the winter has not yet closed, accomplices heavy snowfall of March, This is the perfect time to book your accommodation for the next summer holidays. Among the various alpine resorts to choose between there is an evocative name, Val di Sole, that, among its attractions, It also has the ability to be reached by train (via Trento), feature that makes it preferable to those who want a holiday from holidays or total-green wants a break from driving.

The Val di Sole, surrounded by magnificent peaks such asOrtler Alps, the Group of Brenta and the Adamello, is full of water, both in the Valley, flowing with the Walnut, both at high altitude, where is grooved by streams. In summer, tourists flock to make rafting, Canoe, trekking, Bicycle, nodic walking and much more.

Accommodation is all-out: from campsites super comfortable as the Camping Dolomiti, to hotels, to apartments in val di Sole. Whatever the type of accommodation chosen, the place is so full of attractions (the natural park, the river, the Lakes, the bike path, the Museum…) che le vacanze risulteranno senz’altro gradite a tutti.

of Naturaestrema.it team 20 March 2013