Fly2Race the first Triathlon race in Italy with Fly Emotion

Have you ever heard of a competition that includes mountain biking, running and walking a flight experience? Impossible, because in fact we are talking about a "first" in Italy. It's called FLY2RACE, It will take place on Saturday 4 may in the lower Valtellina, departing at 10 by the municipality of Albaredo per San Marco. The organizers, the same as in 2011 they opened the attraction "Fly Emotion", ensure that it will be an unforgettable experience. The race, strictly couple (male-female/female-female/male-male) and open to all, as long as trained and in possession of a certificate of good and strong Constitution, will consist of four fractions in succession.

The first fraction will be to go mountain bike tours, for about 16 km, with ascent on dirt path (mule track and trail) and downhill on asphalt.

The second phase of the race, will take place "in flight", starting from the station of Albaredo and "landing" in Bema. During the flight, the participating couples, will have to make the tests of skill that will entitle to chronometric subsidies.

The third part of the race you will be walking in the mountainous area of Bema. Couples participants must climb race, on asphalt and trail, facing a difference of about 500 m.

The expected duration of the ride is approximately one hour.

Once you reach the station "Fly Emotion" Bema, We will enter in the last phase of the race: the return flight to the departure station of Albaredo. For this final stage are there any skill tests, in flight, with chronometric rebates.

Much of the proceeds will be donated to ADMO (Bone Marrow Donor Association), committed for more than twenty years in the fight against leukaemia and other serious blood diseases.



How to subscribe

To sign up for FLY2RACE just enter the sitewww.flyemotion.it and follow the instructions.

(Direct link: http://www.flyemotion.it/it/info-prezzi/fly2race.html).

Registrations can be madefrom 28 March to 27 April 2013. The maximum number of participants is limited to 80.


Departure and Arrival

Starting from 9.00 You can pick up your PECs at Fly Emotion in Albaredo per San Marco, via San Marco 20 (I KNOW).

The departure is scheduled at around 10 and the arrival within hours 16.00. Each participant is free to walk the path in step it deems best suited to his abilities.

On arrival are available to participants changing rooms and showers.


Clothing and equipment

Each participant must be its own mountain bikes and a clothing and equipment suitable to the type of activity, the weather and location.

During the village by bicycle helmet use is mandatory. Participants without competition will not be admitted to



Along the way will be prepared two refreshment stands, one near the refuge Alpe Lake for the first portion of a mountain bike and the other near the refuge Ronchi for the village running Club.

A third refreshment will be available in the square FLY EMOTION.


Registration fee

The registration fee is € 25,00 per person.

In the face of registration each participant will receive a bag containing the bib and a windproof jacket.

Registration includes sports insurance.



Sporting "prizes" and "stands" for the top three finishers, with vouchers for paragliding, Kite surfing lessons, free entrance to the Spa of Masino and Spa Fiorida coat (I KNOW).

of Naturaestrema.it team 4 April 2013