Trekking along the road the megalithic era – Ligurian Alps

Trekking through the Ligurian Alps megalithic road and the chapel of St Anne on Alpicella

The Red mark and hiking guide GEOLOGISTS walking organize a day trip again within the Beigua Geopark, This time on the southern slopes of the same m. Beigua, along the ancient routes connecting the hamlets of Alpicella and Faie. Crossing meadows, Woods and clearings, the route will lead to the discovery of the fascinating sacred precinct and megalithic road, and the ophiolitic rocks of various kinds in the area, before reaching the Summit of Mount Greppino, then the spectacular Chapel of St Anne, mail overhanging above the village of Alpicella and from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the coast and the main Ligurian Alps.

Hangout: hours 8,30 in Imperia

Reservation: reservations required before the 14,00 the previous day at the environmental guides Red Mark at 3387718703

or marcoebasta@yahoo.it, www.attraversolealpiliguri.eu

Clothing & gear: hiking boots, long pants, fleece or sweater, windbreaker or waxed, gloves, water and packed lunches.

Local department store:Pastorino, Corso M. Parnell 96/98, Pieve di Teco tel/fax 0183/36286 www.pastorinocalzature.it

Technical data:duration 5 hours, altitude difference 250 meters, fix and

Cost of the excursion: euro 8,00 – free for children under 11 years

In case of severe weather or of small reservations the excursion may be cancelled

of Naturaestrema.it team 4 April 2013