Trekking from Carinthia to ADRIATIC sea TRAIL

Will surely be appreciated by those who prefer an active holiday on the beach and umbrellas, surrounded by nature. The Alpe-Adria-Trail is a long trek 750 kilometers that, articulated between Carinthia, Slovenia and Italy, Discover three cultures and traditions. From the foot of Grossglockner even to the waters of the Adriatic Sea, going through the "garden of Eden". A unique and fascinating journey, for those who live for adventure.

Put the Carinthia connected to the sea by a fictional 750 Kilometers, This is the Alpe Adria Trail. Un sentiero che inizia ai piedi della più alta vetta austriaca, the Grossglockner (3.798 meters), and continues to the Adriatic Sea in 43 stage crossing landscapes of Carinthia, Friuli and Slovenia. About 750 total kilometres from North to South, articulated in beautiful areas marked by a temperate climate that promises long hours of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. The common denominator of the Alpe Adria Trail? The water, from the ice of the highest peaks, at Brooks, up to the sea.

Carinthia, the first step in a journey between three cultures.
Ben 21 stages of the Alpe Adria Trail take place in Carinthia, starting from the National Park Hohe Tauern, at the foot of the Pasterze, the largest Austrian glacier. Continuing to Heiligenblut and Grosskirchheim, you get up to the mills of Arriach; along the way you will pass through the medieval Gmünd, town of artists, recently awarded the EDEN-Award for his professional commitment in support of culture. Then comes the Millstätter Alpe, one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Carinthia, for both its sweet and rounded peaks, both for the wonderful view on the underlying Millstätter See. From here the path begins towards the top of the Gerlitzen Alpe ’, a 1.911 m. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Ossiacher See continuing for the last leg that goes from Velden, Lake Wörthersee, until the Baumgartnerhöhe, a short distance from Lake Faaker See.

Through Slovenia to the sea.
Left the territory of Austria and Carinthia, Here's the Kransjka Gora Slovenia and. Following the path of the river Isonzo, the trail crosses the Park of Triglav in the Julian Alps, l ’ only national park in Slovenia. Here the lucky ones will be able to admire many species of wildlife such as ibex, Chamois, Deer, grouse and many others. Slovenia's highest Alpine road, you pass Vršič reaching Bovec, in the pristine Valley of Isonzo ’, a true natural jewel rich in natural attractions, waterfalls, caves and solitary valleys. We then continue towards Caporetto (Kobarid) and Tolmino, countries linked to the memories of the first world war. The Valley owes much of its beauty to transparent blue water of its river: This is the ideal place for lovers of canoeing and fishermen. As you advance along the Isonzo southward, the landscape becomes more and more sweet. West, the Trail passes through the area of Goriška Brda, where viticulture is practiced for centuries by tradition. The trail ends in the Karst region East of Trieste, where it is worth visiting a famous cultural monument in Europe and worldwide: the equestrian center and horse farm of Lipice, founded in 1580 by ’ Archduke Karl II.

Trieste and the Adriatic.
Crossing the border for the first time Italian, you breathe in the atmosphere and the scents of the Mediterranean. You enter then in the ancient city of Cividale del Friuli, founded by a Celtic population and later conquered by Julius Caesar and included in the Unesco World Heritage list. From here begins the journey through the flavours of Italy with indispensable visits to companies producing del Collio, famous for the excellent quality of the wines. The most important of this charming hilly landscape is Cormòns, a stunning location Habsburg style, where it is worth to visit both churches, both the numerous wineries. The next step takes you through the karst with its rugged landscape and charming. In Duino, where Rainer Maria Rilke wrote the famous Duino Elegies, It finally reaches the sea and the harbour of Muggia, idyllic seaside town characterized by the unique style of Venice. Listening to the sound light making the masts of sailboats in the harbor and breathing the salty air of the Adriatic, You can have dinner with excellent seafood in one of the excellent restaurants, enjoying breathtaking views of the picturesque Gulf of Trieste lying as if in a dream.

A fascinating trip, full of emotion and scenery. A trek for those who love to discover beautiful places and not stand with folded hands lounging under an umbrella. An adventure through the three cultures and three Nations, so different but always linked by way of Alpe Adria Trail.

of Naturaestrema.it team 7 May 2013