Trentino: adventure sports or leisure sports?

Adventure sports or leisure sports? You can have at their disposal these two choices is possible if you decide to spend the summer vacation in Val di Sole, in Trentino. Choose from adventure sports or leisure sport is completely subjective, depends on what a person wants from their vacation, It depends on your personal needs and passions; nothing prevents these two sports experiences can be experienced together. Represent two sides of the same coin: the adventure is the desire to experience strong emotions and extreme, leisure is the desire to totally liberate the mind from all problems and thoughts of everyday life and give fresh air to your lungs and neurons.

When it comes to adventure sports you refer to Canyoning, downhill, free climbing (free climbing), ropes course, tarzaning, quad biking and adventure parks; While when referring to sports entertainment you include fishing, Nordic walking, horseback riding, mushroom picking, Bio-Lake and stroll through the parks.

The Sport Leisure and adventure in Trentino are possible thanks to the varied experiences of territorial configuration of the region: mountain, Lake and parks. The lakes and natural parks offer hiking, Snowshoe or biking for example in the Stelvio National Park, Presanella and Park in Val di Sole Route. The Walnut Creek and its tributaries, Deer Lake (Fazzon) and the Pian Palù Basin are available for fishing.

More information on sport adventure lead to focus on "extreme" activities which in recent years have been very successful, as canyoning or climbing. The latter especially has become a viable alternative for mountain lovers. The free climbing is considered a sport of skill that tests their strength and physical stamina and concentration. Climbing can be done either on cliffs, also called "natural walls", or "artificial walls". While the canyoning sport applies together with the technique of mountaineering with downhill walk, with the help of ropes and carabiners. Is practicable along streams and Gorges carved out of solid rock.

Adventure or leisure in Trentino You can enjoy thanks to a loving and comfortable stay at Hotel facilities such as those of Hotel Gardenia, facilities that offer all kinds of comfort and offer packages in relation to sports activities that you want to perform.

of Naturaestrema.it team 13 May 2013