Trekking In Liguria : on the way to the Highlands

From 21 to the 23 June a group of camminAttori will travel on foot for three days, along one of the most spectacular paths in Liguria, "live" recounting the territory, the landscape, the meetings via the web and social networks. The trip is organized by itinerAria and slow movement with the support of the province of Savona

Next weekend a group of camminAttori will travel along one of the most spectacular locations in the Ligurian hinterland, suspended between the sea and the Apennines. The goal of the new path is telling about the territory, the landscape, the meetings via the web and social networks: will be part of the group some bloggers, photographers, video maker, that will use new technologies to document the joy and fun of slow travel.
The group will travel round the first three stages of Highland Trail, via connecting trails, the huts and accommodation facilities of inland Savonese. A path that combines the natural interest, with botanical and Zoological extraordinary variety, with outstanding historical and architectural of the territory, like the small churches perched on the cliffs, the forts, the medieval bridges, agricultural villages, But even anthropological aspects. There are several in fact evidence of practices, recent World Customs, but now lost.

On the occasion of the trip will be presented the new website for the hiking network of the province of Savona: http://itinerari.provincia.savona.it, based on a powerful geographic information system that allows you to interactively view and create custom routes at will along the trails that are part of the network of walks Ligure Savona (REL). It is therefore possible to define points of departure and arrival, to calculate length, elevation profile, print topo maps and download GPS tracks.
While traveling-you can view event site map the location of camminAttori, Thanks to a satellite transmitter. Also documented the trip will be "live" via Twitter (#terrealte) and Facebook (/mapslow), While in the days after the event will be posted on the web photos and videos collected along the way.
These are the stages of the path:
Friday 21: The ring of Toirano (3h 45 ')
Saturday 22: Toirano – Pian delle Bosse (5h 30 ')
Sunday 23: Pian delle Bosse-Colle del Melogno (7h)

of Naturaestrema.it team 19 June 2013