Kayaking on the river PO

Da Torino al Mar Adriatico in kayak sul fiume Po, 514 km of navigation, a trip to support 15 children of Senegal.

Here ended our adventure by kayak on the river, the great river. 11 days are passed since we abandoned the town of San Mauro Torinese headed to Stack, Rovigo, for this important project of international solidarity. The meta, this time, It's just a tiny geographical point. The destination, Instead, is something wonderfully more complex. It is self-knowledge, is the discovery of the river, He met lovely people, you live a nature unexpectedly lush.

kayak sul fiume

Kayaking on the river Po, from Turin to the sea

A resource, This great river, that has left navigate not without difficulty. The nights spent in the light of the campfire, the beautiful beaches that stretch along the banks, were quite a test for the amenities kindly provided by Ferrino, that proved up to the challenge.

kayak sul fiume

In addition 500 the mileage, 4 regions crossed, dozens lives crossed in our surf. Back home a little more athletic, and certainly the richest.

The many pleasant memories are the perfect setting for our purpose: many Senegalese children will have the opportunity to study thanks to the fundraiser which is still going on. Until now we have collected about 4.000 € of 4.500 € needed. Even a small effort and we will have achieved the goal!

If you want to contact us for further information, please contact us on our site www.unpoinviaggio.it

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