CERVINO Cinemountain : Parasol peack in Manu Delago

The Matterhorn CineMountain, the International festival of mountain films scheduled 4 to the 12 August 2018 a Cervinia-Valtournenche, becomes a stage for the preview of the year: the world premiere screening of Parasol Peak, the movie and album of the Austrian composer Manu Delago, drummer and percussionist of Björk and Anoushka Shankar and virtuous dell'hang, realized with seven other musicians-climbers, during an expedition in the Austrian mountains. Musical instruments become the natural elements and the mountain equipment, for an experiment to the limit. Saturday 11 August 2018.

An expedition of five days, the Austrian Alps, eight musicians-drummers with a passion for the mountains, using helmets, grappling hooks and carabiners, water,stones, wood and logs as tools, play sitting on the bed of a river or on the banks of a lake, clinging into the cavity of a rock to almost 2000 meters, riding a summit, roped along the wall, glacier to almost three thousand with the temperature touches zero. You Parasol Peak, the challenge to limit the composer and percussionist Manu Delago, an album but also a film that will have its world premiere at the Matterhorn CineMountain Saturday 11 August. A project made entirely acoustic (electrical instrumentation is only served for recording), with the use of natural elements such as water, rocks and some hiking gear such as helmets, grappling hooks and processed carabiners, for the ’ opportunity, in musical instruments. An album and a film made deep in respect of the elements and the scenario, always different, from the lake, the woods, the summit, He is struggling with the difficulties due to temperature, that every day touched zero, and fatigue. Music and nature blend together in the suggestion of a single sound, a unique environment that transmits all its power and its harmony.

Manu Delago is considered the pioneer of 'hang, the percussion instrument born in Switzerland in 2000, that spreads a sound from the eastern reminiscences. early Musician, at the age of 20 he moved to London to improve technique and style and become a professional. This is where he started working with Björk and Anoushka Shankar on all, but also with Shpongle, Didier Lockwood and a soloist of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Parasol Peak It is the story of mountaineering and exploration of music that brought the group of musicians to perform and record a series of songs, specifically compounds, in different places, adiverse altitudes and classical instruments combined with the sounds produced by natural elements and mountain equipment. Inspired by the scenery around them eight musicians played facing the low temperatures - always among 0 and 5 degrees - and fatigue, that made more complicated performances: "Sometimes we think we played not to risk their lives", reminds Delago.

Also difficult to resume the enterprise in a situation so the limit, as explained by the director and producer Johannes Aitzetmüller: “Sometimes we could only shoot up to twice, perché gli strumenti erano nuovamente scordati o le dita troppo fredde o il vento gelido soffiava troppo forte. L’ingegnere audio, Michael Reisigl, It has installed a network of recorders, cables and microphones everywhere. The filming had to go right the first time, there was no time and opportunity to do them again. "

What took shape, from what proved to be a real experiment, is an album (presented next 29 July) natural sounds, rough but quality, transmitting all the intensity and passion for the challenge to a stage where mistakes are not allowed. And a majestic film, by continuously atmospheres blend of sounds and natural elements, music and picturesque scenery, breathtaking tale of an unrepeatable experience.

Manu Delago will also be the protagonist of the closing of the Matterhorn CineMountain 2018, a free concert by the great director Ermanno Olmi, died recently.

of Naturaestrema.it team 23 July 2018