European Paragliding Championships : the Azzurri in Portugal …

The national paragliding free flight team is ready to participate in the 15.a edition of the European Championships of the discipline to be held in Montalegre, in Portugal, from 16 to the 28 July.

Difficult task blues from pale redemption after the trial at the world championships last year, when the team did not exploit home advantage, since they have played in our own skies of Feltre. Immediately after the French to beat monsters for years reign supreme in the skies. Pilots Bleus over the past five world championships won as many men's individual gold medals, two female and three team. During the recent European, Italy where he won a silver medal in the individual thanks to Joachim Oberhauser and that of Team Bronze, cousins ​​across the Alps have filled the bag with all the gold medals and the women's silver.

Ecco i convocati dal CT Alberto Castagna di Cologno Monzese: Silvia Buzzi Ferraris, Milan and fresh Italian title, Christian Biasi Rovereto (Trento), Joachim Oberhauser di Termeno (Bolzano), Federico Nevastro (Padova), the Emilian Michael Woods, Marco Littamè (Turin), Alberto Vitale (Bologna) and, from the slopes, Marco Busetta.

The town of Montalegre is located in northern Portugal, in the Vila Real district. All around high mountains, valli aperte e vaste pianure, flight-proven site that has already hosted other international events. Dal decollo di Serra do Larouco a 1525 meters above sea level the riders will unwind along paths marked with the highlights of the area and, with time favorable conditions, also they will fly 100 km before reaching the landing.

The title is awarded on the basis of the results achieved by each driver in the course of ten flights, one a day, weather permitting. In addition 30 the participating European countries for up to 150 pilots, number dictated by organizational and safety reasons.


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