ONLINE GYM : Fitness on video platforms.

Gyms become online. In times of Coronavirus and with the consequent closure of gyms, many of 20 millions of Italians who regularly play sports, they organized themselves from home and learned to participate in online courses through applications such as ZOOM meeting.

We will do gym online

The COVID phase 2 that will start from 4 May certainly will not allow the reopening of the gyms and of the pools. This is why many of the Italians who regularly practice sports have organized from home with tools, weights, conveyor belt, exercise bike etc.. to continue maintaining your training status during the quarantine. Also in the COVID phase 2, the group sport and the gyms they will remain banned and therefore you will have to think about Outdoor activities, and play sports in the parks or in the gardens, or directly from home for those who live in the city.

To be motivated during sports and not to feel alone during this prolonged period of social distancing, The networked initiatives of fitness instructors who have organized lessons via video platforms such as Zoom meeting.

Given the large turnout to these initiatives and as a consequence of the closure of the gyms themselves, real ones are being created ONLINE GYMS with scheduling of lessons and fitness courses with the various instructors. It will be the time of CrossFit and Freeletics but also of all the fitness activities that we have discovered can be practiced easily online.

How much will the Online Gym or Smart Gym cost? ?

Membership in the online gym, reasoning theoretically should cost less than the normal monthly or annual membership, because it does not include the running costs of the real gym. The online gym in fact it will have to foresee only the costs of administrative management, expenses for instructors, subscription fees for video platforms (not free) and any others.

The smart gyms they are also thinking about subscriptions dedicated to the single lesson and customized packages for the various users.

Difference between Online Gym and Youtube Video

On Youtube there are many videos of fitness classes or specific workouts always available to play sports at home or away, the difference between the recorded lesson and the live sports lesson, obviously it is the involvement and correction during the execution of the exercise. Indeed on live video platforms, virtual rooms can be created in which the athletes are followed by the instructor via the camera and information and advice can be exchanged; this makes training motivational and inspirational, returning to also include the healthy competition typical of the sports environment.


of Naturaestrema.it team 24 April 2020