Bonus holidays, 500 euros for the holidays 2020 in Italy

Un bonus vacanze fino a 500 euro for those who choose to spend the summer holidays in Italy, an extraordinary measure to support the tourism sector for the summer 2020. It is one of the hypotheses after COVID, currently under consideration by the government.

A bonus for holidays in Italy 2020

The proposal comes from the Regions and is currently being studied by the central government which could introduce measures already in decree of April.

The impact estimates of COVID-19 on the world of tourism are decidedly negative, in fact it can be easily estimated that in thesummer 2020, the consequences of the coronavirus emergency, can greatly reduce reservations and the flow of Italian and foreign tourists; following this forecast, the proposal of bonus holidays in Italy for Italian families, to spend both by the sea and in the mountains.

Bonus holidays in Italy: who will be able to use it ?

The government together with the regions will be able to decide the amount of the bonus and the characteristics of the Italian families who will be able to access this incentive. There has been talk of a maximum figure of 500 euro, in the form of deductions or bonuses to encourage tourism but also families who in various ways have suffered from this long quarantine.

The opportunity to practice Sport Outdoor again and return to the summer holidays 2020, lets hope for a phase 2 positive for the victory against CORONAVIRUS, while maintaining high precautions.


of Naturaestrema.it team 26 April 2020