Dolomiti Superski prepares the summer 2020

Dolomiti super Summer 2020 will represent the desire for recovery by the mountain economy. There will be over 100 the lifts that will reopen to make a sustainable contribution to mobility in the Dolomite valleys.

Despite the tightening of the economy due to the coronavirus emergency, Dolomiti Superski continued to work ahead of the summer season, besides of course thinking about what it will be in winter 2020-21. “Currently the biggest obstacle is insecurity regarding the recovery”, says the consortium that almost counts 130 affiliated companies in the twelve valleys of the Dolomites.

Summer in the Dolomites will be called “SuperSummer” and provides for the opening of 100 lifts, which make a sustainable contribution to mobility in the Dolomite valleys, bringing people to altitude without having to use motorized traffic.

“We are working hard to make everything work. However, institutions will need to work together so that restrictions are somehow lifted or eased – Marco Pappalardo comments, marketing director of Dolomiti Superski – This must concern the entire tourism chain, starting from the accommodation facilities, as well as shops and services. It would not make sense to operate the facilities if tourists do not have the opportunity to stay in the valleys. It is essential that the entire supply chain is enabled to work, by homogenizing regional rules as much as possible, as our territory ranges between Trentino, South Tyrol and Veneto”.

Among the initiatives undertaken, explains Sandro Lazzari, president of Dolomiti Superski, “together with the local tourism organizations we are working to make the vast offer of the 'Dolomiti Bike Galaxy usable’ and the 'Hike Galaxy', made up of trails dedicated to Mtb and countless hiking trails that allow you to fully enjoy the natural environment of the Dolomites. We are convinced that the mountain can represent even more this year, the ideal holiday, thanks to the infinite spaces in which to move, avoiding gatherings”.

of Naturaestrema.it team 2 May 2020