Refuge rules at the time of CORONAVIRUS

The rules for shelters in the summer 2020. Following the guidelines of the regions and the DCPM of the government to avoid CORONAVIRUS


Customers must wear the mask whenever they are not sitting at the table and the menus must be paper or plasticized. The common toilets will be cleaned and disinfected at least three times a day. If necessary, they must be subject to quota entrances and an entry and exit will be provided. These are just some of the precautions contained in the guidelines that the Regions have put in black and white. The guidelines will be sent to the government to update the DCPM e, in this way, supplement the provisions already adopted.

In the case of children and games

The masks must be used by children over 6 age. Limitations also for games, which must obviously be disinfected, and which must be for the exclusive use of a single group (unless disinfected before exchange).

of Naturaestrema.it team 3 June 2020