Scout and Mafeking patrol 2020 against CORONAVIRUS

A special patrol, called Mafeking 2020, formed by chief medical scouts, nurses, lawyers, Civil Protection and AGESCI method experts, Will "translate" the regulatory provisions regarding coronavirus into any possible activities for scouts.

The Mafeking patrol was born with this aim 2020 within the AGESCI Emilia-Romagna Regional Committee, formed by the regional representatives in the branches and by heads with experience in the branch who carry out medical or legal professions in life.

The patrol's first task will be to produce a special vademecum containing the operational indications for carrying out, if it will be possible, activities, outputs, routes and summer camps, in the days of the coronavirus. The vademecum will be continuously updated with respect to current legislation, so as to be able to answer the questions of the leaders in real time on what activities it is possible or not to carry out with your children and in what ways.

The reflection of the patrol will be a useful tool for discerning the chief communities. The vademecum will in fact be the contribution of AGESCI Emilia-Romagna to the reflection that the community leaders are currently carrying out.

In the current situation of stopping activities in the presence and still of great uncertainty about the future, the Regional Committee invites the chief communities not to make final decisions on summer activities yet, because conditions are constantly changing!

Some forecasts allow us to hope that social isolation measures to contain the pandemic will be relaxed; for that, the Committee believes it may be useful to have a handbook to deal with, to plan and start preparing the summer activities deemed most appropriate.

The final responsibility for carrying out the summer camps lies with the community leaders and the individual staff, who are required to take into consideration local / regional / national directives first, the AGSCI Scout Method, the Group Educational Project, to then develop a feasibility choice. Community leaders who will have reflected on the needs and needs of children and young people in light of the events that have radically changed our lives in recent months. This decision will be shared explicitly with the parents of underage members and with adult members of the clans / fire.

The ultimate goal of reflection should not be to "do the fields at all costs" or to "suspend the fields at all costs", but to understand what is the best asset for the leaders and AGESCI members who are entrusted to them, and also for the entire human community, towards which we feel a concrete responsibility.

of Naturaestrema.it team 1 June 2020